Product Type: AC Tubeaxial

Reversible Flow Fans

Reversible Flow Fans


Reversible flow fans provide excellent cooling performance in both the forward and reverse direction. This allows you to reduce both the total fan footprint and project costs. Speed and airflow direction are controlled by one fan without supplemental excess wire or circuitry. This series is micro-controller-based and utilizes PWM signals to control fan speed.

Available special functions: PWM input and tachometer and multiple IP ratings.

SpotCool Fans


SpotCool Fans are designed to be DIN rail mounted and include the accompanying power supply.

Tube Axial Fans


Tube Axial Fans are designed to be mounted in circular plenum and are available in either 172mm or 254mm.

AxiForce Tubeaxial Fans *NEW MODELS*

Our AxiForce series has expanded again!

  • In 2021, we brought you the 80mm and 120mm models
  • In 2022, we brought you the 172mm and 80mm with IP68 models

Now, in 2024, we have NEW 80mm models with a lower speed at 78 CFM. This rounds out our offering to now include low- to high-speed options that are IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP!

Experience the future of fan technology with AxiForce
Compact outside, powerful inside

The brain of most modern-day systems like production lines and mobile network infrastructure is typically installed in an industrial control cabinet. These enclosures safeguard internal components from outside influences like temperature fluctuations, contaminants, and possible tampering while also protecting the public from coming into direct contact with any of the sensitive electronic equipment.

No matter the size or style, the one thing all enclosures have in common is that the electrical components inside them generate heat. Excessive heat can lead to a decrease in the overall efficiency of the system, underperformance, or even malfunction of one or more of the components leading to complete system failure and costly downtime. Maintaining the optimal temperature in the enclosure is critical to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Our AxiForce tubeaxial fan series is ideal for keeping a consistent, optimized temperature in control units for automation and other highly modern technologies, such as 5G power modules. Due to its variable installation, high cooling capacity in the smallest of spaces, and interactive integration into the device logic, it has already proven to be indispensable in modern automation.

AxiForce at a glance:

  • Performance
    • Noise reduction up to 6 dB(A)
    • Steep air performance curve
    • Benchmark in air performance and noise
    • Maximum efficiency increased up to 18%
  • Technology
    • New and improved aerodynamic design of housing and impeller
    • Latest powerful and efficient motor technology
    • Powerful electronics
  • Flexibility
    • Speed signal
    • Go / NoGo alarm
    • Alarm with speed limit
    • Control inputs (PWN, analog voltage, temperature sensor)
    • Salt spray protection
    • Ingress protection up to IP68

Target markets and applications

  • Power modules for 5G mobile network infrastructure
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Electronics in video streaming servers
  • Data center equipment
  • Cooling automation equipment
  • Digital signage / LED displays

NMB Technologies

NMB Technologies Corporation is a MinebeaMitsumi Group Company, and a volume leader in the design and manufacturing of cooling fans.  A comprehensive line of more than 150 axial fans, blowers and impellers is offered, ranging in sizes from 25mm to 280mm.  New products include  IP69K, UV/WET, AC weather resistant, high efficiency impellers, high power, sleeve bearing and ball bearing fans, all RoHS certified.


The Mechatronics Fan Group has been a leading source of AC and DC cooling fans, blowers, value-added assemblies, and cooling solutions since 1985. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified headquarters and warehouse are located in Preston, Washington, enabling same-day shipment from our extensive fan inventory.  We are committed to supporting our customers with technologically advanced products, superior quality, value-based pricing, and exceptional flexible service. We sell through our knowledgeable professional sales staff, sales representatives, and distributors worldwide.


ebm-papst Inc. is an innovator and market leader in fans, blowers, and motors with core competencies in motor technology, aerodynamics, and electronics. With over 20,000 products, we provide solutions to a wide range of markets including Air-conditioning and Ventilation, Appliance, Commercial Refrigeration, Heating, Industrial, Lighting, IT / Telecom, Medical, Transportation, and more.

Orion Fans

Orion Fans is a global manufacturer of standard and custom thermal management solutions including AC, EC, and DC fans, fan accessories, fan trays, blowers, and motorized impellers. With over 40 years of experience, Orion Fans has been supplying quality engineered cooling products and assemblies to a wide range of industries and applications. Orion Fans has engineering, sales, and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.