Product Type: Battery Snaps / Connectors / Cases


Sockets, Headers, D-Subminiature, Card Edge, DIP and PCB Connectors.

Mil Spec. and Commercial Grades available.

CW Industries

As CW Industries, we have developed patented products and processes for several segments of the electronics industry. These products include slide, rocker, and pushbutton switches; insulation displacement connectors; and a variety of custom products.

Custom Connector

At Custom Connector Corporation, we utilize more than 40 years of experience to create quality, American-made and designed industrial relay sockets, automotive relay sockets and connectors, electronic packaging products, terminal blocks and custom designed electro-mechanical interconnect devices. Whether it’s a light-duty circuit board application or a heavy-duty hard wiring problem, send us your requirements and let one of our design engineers provide solutions for you.

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ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Adam Tech

We, Adam Tech, pride ourselves on the scope of our product offering which features our innovative connector designs and manufacturing capabilities that reduce cost and improve performance in a broad range of applications. Our exclusive automated manufacturing processes provide consistent high quality with low cost and short lead times. We also welcome the opportunity to use our experience in providing custom solutions to your application-specific product requirements. We can develop concepts into designs, tooling, and production.

Challenge Electronics

Challenge Electronics, a global supplier of sounding devices, makes audio components louder, smaller, more energy efficient, more rugged and more cost effective. We make audio components with standard and customized mechanical, electrical and audio characteristics. We also provide value-added services and engineering design services for some of the world’s largest manufacturers delivering parts pre-assembled and customized for today’s manufacturing requirements and competitive markets.


JST Corporation, established in 1957, is a global company with 37 worldwide plants in 40 countries. Known worldwide for reliability, engineering, service, and value…JST has a solution for almost every application. From the simplest to the most complex, JST has the interconnection product that fits just about every need. Product Training Modules and other technical information is available on our website and samples can also be ordered as needed.


For more than 70 years, Keystone Electronics Corp. has been manufacturing precision electronics interconnect components and hardware, supplying quality products worldwide. Keystone products are engineered specifically for use by OEM designers and engineers who create and develop state-of-the-art medical devices, electronic products, instruments and systems as well as Electrical contractors and lighting professionals installing and upgrading wire-to-wire connected devices.


For 90 years, Omron Electronic Components has been a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced electronic components. Extensive product groups include relays, switches, connectors, MEMS flow sensors, pressure sensors, and optical components. Omron Electronic Components is the Americas subsidiary of Omron Corporation, an $8+ billion global leading supplier of electronics and control system components and services. Omron’s broad product offering can be found in applications for the communications, transportation, HVAC, appliance, industrial automation, consumer electronics, test and measurement, and gaming markets around the world. Omron Electronic Components has an extensive sales network consisting of regional sales professionals, inside sales representatives, technical sales assistants, customer service staff, and an authorized distributor network.