Product Type: Electromagnetic Transducers


The CT25E-16T75-1 is a 25.0 Ø x 12.5mm Electromagnetic Audio Transducer designed to meet the medical industry standard IEC-60601-1-8 for safety and essential performance. The sound produced by this product is intended to be easily discernible to allow users to identify the source signal while not being too unnecessarily distracting or disturbing. While the transducer is designed for medical applications, it can be used for any low-cost simple input frequency application.


  • Electromagnetic Audio Transducer
  • IEC-60601-1-8 Medical Standard
  • Medical Alarms

Specification Sheet


The CT05E-04S310-1 is a 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5mm magnetically driven Audio Transducer that is optimized to produce high SPL levels despite its small profile. This audio component is designed to produce a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of 88dB at 3 Vo-p within the small dimensional profile providing a louder response over any competitor of the same size.


  • Low Dimensional Profile
  • High SPL Output of 88 dB
  • Reflow Solder Oven Capable

Specification Sheet

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