Product Type: Interconnect

OMNIMATE® 4.0 PCB Terminals & Connectors with SNAP IN Technology

The new PCB plug-in terminals of the MTS 5 product series are extremely compact and enable the fastest signal connection in device connectivity. Thanks to the innovative SNAP IN connection technology, a wide variety of conductors can be connected quickly without wire end ferrules – ideal for automated processes. Due to the modular concept of OMNIMATE® 4.0, the products can be individually configured in the web configurator and are ready to ship within three days.


  • Pitch 5.00mm, vertical and horizontal orientations in 2 through 12 positions
  • An optical and acoustic safety indicator that shows when wiring is complete.
  • Easy handling of the push-in buttons when rewiring is necessary.
  • All parts are received wire-ready with open clamping point.
  • Ready-to-Robot optimization for fully automated wiring processes
  • Options for Screw, Push-In and SNAP-IN connectivity, offering customers a wider range of choices for the connection technology that works best for them.
  • Unique SNAP IN connection for fast & safe wiring



Sockets, Headers, D-Subminiature, Card Edge, DIP and PCB Connectors.

Mil Spec. and Commercial Grades available.

CW Industries

As CW Industries, we have developed patented products and processes for several segments of the electronics industry. These products include slide, rocker, and pushbutton switches; insulation displacement connectors; and a variety of custom products.

327 Terminal Strip

Made in North America

The socket terminal strip 327 is available in 14,5 mm pitch with 1- to 12-pole design and can be easily stripped to the desired number of poles. Due to the M5 screw, the socket hole diameter of 6,3 mm and a creepage distance of more than 9 mm between terminal body and mounting surface, this version is well suited for large cross-sections, high currents and voltages. One fixing hole is located between every two poles. The flexible polyamide moulding can even be mounted on curved surfaces. The wire protector of the “DS”-version reliably prevents damage to multi-wire flexible conductors by the turning screw


  • Power Supplies
  • Building & Lighting Automation
  • Connectors for High-Power LED Lamps
    • Road lighting
  • HVAC
    • Industrial fan controls
    • Industrial heat pumps, power connections
  • Renewable Energy
    • Connections for solar inverters
  • Power Management
    • For clean power/power filters (EMI/RFI)
  • Flow Controls
    • Large industrial flow control meters
  • Instrumentation
  • Irrigation Systems
  • EV Charger
    • Connection for input power
  • Energy Sector
    • Power distribution in control panel
  • Spa, Hot Tub & Pool Pump Controller
    • Connection for input power
  • Motor Protection Drives/Eddy Current Drive Control

Radio Frequency Connectors

The Bulgin Radio Frequency (RF) connector range offers optimised solutions to work with a wide range of signals at various frequency levels with low losses. These connectors are expertly designed to work with coaxial cables to operate at multiple Gigahertz, offering protection and a standard shielding with coaxial hardware.

XLR Chassis Connectors

B and E Series XLRS

These connectors feature a compact all plastic housing, a metal faceplate, and precision machined, one piece, gold plated contacts to help prolong the useful life of the connectors. They also come with a separate nickel plated ground pin that grounds the connector to the panel. The compact form factor of these connectors makes them perfect for situations where space saving is a priority or space for a connector is limited. Available in 3, 4, or 5 pin, Male or Female variations with options for vertical or horizontal PCB mounting.

JL and JLX Series XLRS

JL Series XLR chassis connectors offer a sleek and robust connection in a standard “J” Size shell. This series is perfect for high-noise environments like permanent installations or design-in applications where the termination method is solder cups. The connectors have nickel plated zinc die cast housing which allows for great RF protection. They have precision machined, one piece, silver plated contacts and a separate tin plated ground pin which grounds to the connector housing and panel. Available in either black or nickel housing and in 3, 4, or 5 pin variations. The JL Series XLR chassis connectors help prevent local RF interference from assisted listening, WiFi, and other radio transmitters close to the connectors. When coupled with quality shielded cables, a robust system for preventing the intrusion of unwanted noises is created. The JLX Series offers a metal on metal housing design for improved RF protection.

1/4″ Phone Jack & Phone Plugs

1/4″ Phone Jacks

Our ¼” phone jacks feature a slim design allowing for a high packing density. These phone jacks provide a switched-contact design which makes them a perfect solution for design-in applications where the termination method is to a printed circuit board and independent control of switched contacts is needed.

  • Available with Fully Threaded Nose or Half Threaded Nose
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Horizontal PCB Termination
  • Silver Plated 4 or 6 Pin Versions

1/4″ Phone Plugs

These right angle ¼” plugs meet the most recent requirements for highest density jack fields (15.88), so they can be used in a variety of applications including use with various instruments and patch bays for home or professional studios.

  • Available with Gold, Silver, or Nickel Plated Plug
  • Right Angle ¼” or Straight ¼” Plug
  • TS (2) or TRS (3) Contacts

Push-Pull Connectors

Adam Tech’s comprehensive line of Push-Pull Connectors consists of metal and plastic connectors, elbow sockets, and bend reliefs. Each product type is offered in a variety of options, including positions, mounting, and size. Specialty waterproof push-pull connectors are also available with ratings of IP67 and IP68. Adam Tech Push-Pull Connectors are ideal for any application requiring easy, secure connections.

Features & Benefits

  • Plugs and sockets
  • Metal and plastic
  • Standard IP50 dustproof
  • IP67 and IP68 waterproof
  • Elbow sockets
  • Bend reliefs
  • Various positions
  • Various collet sizes
  • Solder cup and PCB
  • Panel and cable mount
  • Fully intermateable with all industry-leading push-pull connectors


  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Instrumentation
  • Data and communications
  • Automotive
  • Audio/video

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MPU Embedded Display Series

  • Flexibility and Reliability shorten the development time and meet various requirements.
  • SOM TYPE 1 (MPU Based), SOM TYPE 2, MINI (MCU Based) and SMARC 2.0 series. Flexible for various combinations.
  • The compatible pin definition of all SOM TYPE 1 just one carrier board necessary.
  • Drive your product to the market faster With our self develop GUI software and hardware, shorten developing schedule.

PC Board Jacks

The METZ CONNECT series of PC Board Jacks includes RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, and USB.


  • Wide product options – standard and specials
  • With or without magnetics, LED’s
  • Shielded and unshielded
  • SMT and thru hole
  • Single port and multi-port


  • Metering systems
  • Building controls
  • Irrigation controls
  • Access controls
  • Respiratory monitors
  • Pool and spa controls
  • Lighting controls
  • Camera and vision systems
  • Thermostats
  • Air handlers
  • Information systems