Product Type: Joysticks / Grips

XDRT Series


APEM introduces the newest XD series option, the RT handle. An ergonomic grip offering a wide selection of pushbutton and Hall effect thumbwheel combinations. Designed exclusively for APEM’s XD series joystick, the RT grip provides IP67 above panel sealing and is ideally suited for vehicle applications requiring dedicated right hand operation.

Featuring both front and rear facing configuration plates, the handle allows users to easily reach all forward facing functions with an easy sweep of the thumb. Considering the maximum possible configuration, the new RT handle can provide up to four axes of proportional control and 10 momentary switching functions. The XD RT includes redundant Hall effect sensors to provide more than 10 million operations, and measures just 60mm below panel yet withstands horizontal loads up to 400lbf. The XD series may be specified with CAN bus J1939 or CANopen outputs and is considered Sil2 compatible. The result is a compact yet robust joystick ideally suited for off-highway vehicles and machinery.


  • Configured with APEM’s IX, HR and NV series
  • Modular faceplates, customized as needed
  • Sil2 compliant
  • IP67 above panel sealing
  • CAN bus protocols

XD Series Joystick

The XD Series joystick is a multi-axis Hand Grip controller specifically engineered for demanding vehicle applications.

Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology to provide up to 10 million operations, the XD series is a compact yet highly reliable joystick ideally suited for off-highway vehicles and machinery. The XD series measures just 60 mm below panel, yet withstands horizontal loads up to 400 lbf. utilizing an all metal construction. The XD handle utilizes a uni-body construction with modular inserts to provide design flexibility. Inserts include an index trigger switch, operator presence paddle and customizable faceplate and enables IP67 above panel environmental sealing against the ingress of dust and liquids.


  • SIL 2 compatible – Redundant Hall sensors
  • Resists high axial load (1780 N – 400 lbf)
  • Shallow mounting depth of <60 mm (2.36)
  • Rated for 10 million lifecycles
  • SAE CAN bus J1939-71

TS Thumbstick

The TS Series Thumbstick is a proportional two axis joystick in a miniature package. Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology for long life performance, the TS Series Thumbstick is available with multiple linear output options including single and dual (redundant) outputs. It is similar in size and operation to “gamepad” controls, but in a rugged industrial package. Typical applications include pendant and remote controls as well as a joystick handle and arm rest integration.


  • Now available with threaded plastic D-flat housing & LED options
  • 1 or 2 axis
  • USB outputs available
  • Non-contact Hall effect technology
  • IP67 above panel sealing
  • Pressure washable to IP69K
  • Redundant outputs available
  • Rear or drop-in mounting available

HF Joystick

The HF Series joystick is a contactless, multi-axis controller providing long life finger positioning control. A compact, low-profile joystick utilizing non-contact Hall effect technology, the HF Series joystick is designed for low operating force, clean environment applications requiring enduring accuracy and precision.


  • 1, 2 & 3 axis configurations
  • CAN bus J1939 and CANopen options
  • USB 2.0 HID interface option
  • Dual sensors for redundancy
  • Voltage regulator, 24V supply option
  • Connectorized housing


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With the acquisition of APEM, IDEC enhanced our ability to provide the ultimate in human-machine interface (HMI) solutions. APEM’s specialized offerings for markets including agricultural, medical, aeronautics, defense and transportation, make IDEC’s product lines broader and more versatile. Together, we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality HMI components, panels and systems.

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Sensata Technologies

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Contour Grip G3 Series

G3 – Contour Grip

The switches and switch locations in the Contour Grip are configurable, allowing you to create a grip with a multitude of different switches in varying locations. Virtually any OTTO switch can be used in the grip including Hall Effect and electromechanical switches.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in left, center and right handed versions
  • Customizable switch configurations on the front, side and back
  • Can include virtually any OTTO switch
  • Tested for harsh environments
  • Great for forestry, agriculture, construction and industrial applications


Commander Grip G2 Series

G2 – Commander Grip

Cast from aluminum alloy, the G2 Commander Grip is a rugged industrial control grip.


  • USB output option
  • Standard design eliminates the need for tooling charges
  • Available as a fixed grip or can be mounted on an OTTO Hall effect joystick
  • Various mounting & termination options available
  • Nine standard faceplate configurations that include OTTO’s T3, T4 and T5 toggle switches, P4, P7 and P9 pushbutton switches, K1 rocker switches, SPT split trim switches, J2 transducer switches, FG flip guards, and HTWM, HTL and HTLT Hall effect switches
  • Thousands of custom faceplate configurations possible that can accommodate virtually all OTTO pushbutton, rocker, toggle, trim, transducer and thumbwheel switches
  • Operator presence and trigger options
  • Tested to withstand a 265 lb. load
  • Grip sealed to IP68S (subject to change based on switch choice)

For more information:

OTTO Controls

OTTO designs and manufactures precision switches and control grips including mechanical switches with up to 1 million cycle life; Hall Effect switches with digital and analog output options; sealed and lighted, high performance, snap action, rocker, pushbutton, toggle and rotary switches, commercial and military control grips and Hall Effect technology joysticks.

Our products out-perform in some of the toughest applications such as; heavy equipment, aerospace, marine, medical and military.