Product Type: Keylocks

Keylock Switches

Keylock Switches offer low-cost key-operated protection against accidental or unauthorized access. Options include Single Pole or Double Pole, Momentary or Maintained action.  Indexing options are 45⁰ and 90⁰.   Various key pull positions are standard.  Many key code options are available.

Keylock Switches

Single Pole and Double Pole, Momentary or Maintained, with multiple circuit and keycode options.

Oslo Switch

Oslo Switch has been manufacturing manually-operated electromechanical switches for over 40 years. Oslo’s product offering has grown to include five types of lighted push buttons, eight styles of lighted and non-lighted rocker switches and a variety of keylocks.

CIT Relay & Switch

CIT Relay & Switch manufacturers electromechanical relays and switches, along with our Picker Components branded solid-state relays. Wherever opportunities arise, CIT works to provide the best product for the application and the most compelling support experience. Through paramount service, selection, quality, and value—we strive to be the best. CIT places the customer first. We work with our customers on simple to complicated projects, tailoring custom solutions and designs. Our technical, engineering, and customer support personnel are well-trained and can help with your design selection requirements. With a state-of-the-art test lab, CIT can address custom or standard test requirements under a variety of conditions to validate your application. From small to large projects, we are here to help with all our customers’ testing and design needs.

Switches: Rocker – Toggle – Pushbutton – Keylock

Adam Tech’s board switch range offers a variety of options, including termination style, circuit, function, and actuator types. Specialty switches are available, such as ruggedized and sealed waterproof. The Adam Tech switch line provides the versatility necessary to be integrated into a wide range of market applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Sealed waterproof and other specialty switches
  • Circuits: SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT, and 3PDT
  • Multiple function options
  • Solder type, PCB, and quick-connect terminations
  • Variety of actuator types
  • LED lighted actuators w/ color options
  • UL -recognized file no. WOYR2.E520713

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Whether you’re looking for automation products such as HMI Touchscreens and PLCs; machine safety products such as safety laser scanners, safety relay modules and controllers, light curtains and explosion-proof devices; or industrial components such as emergency stops, power supplies, LED lighting, switches and relays, IDEC offers feature-rich components that work together seamlessly to optimize your applications.

With the acquisition of APEM, IDEC enhanced our ability to provide the ultimate in human-machine interface (HMI) solutions. APEM’s specialized offerings for markets including agricultural, medical, aeronautics, defense and transportation, make IDEC’s product lines broader and more versatile. Together, we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality HMI components, panels and systems.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, a movement of sustainable companies, our mission is to continue developing smarter products, advancing the IIoT and creating a sustainable planet.


For over 60 years, APEM has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality miniature and industrial switches, offering one of the broadest ranges of products in the industry.  APEM’s portfolio, comprised of an expanding range of MMI interface products, includes switches, joysticks, indicators, and keypads.

APEM is a vertically integrated manufacturer with a strong commitment to maintaining its exceptionally high standards in safety, service, and reliability while continuing its emphasis on innovation and product development.

MEC Switches is a trade name of APEM, Inc.


With more than 50,000 products ranging from snap action, limit, toggle and pressure switches to position, speed and airflow sensors, Honeywell has a product to meet any industry’s requirements and any company’s needs.

But an impressive product line is only one part. We bring to bear engineering expertise and value-added capabilities no other company offers. While our switch and sensor solutions meet a wide array of basic and complex applications, our custom-engineered solutions offer enhanced precision, repeatability and ruggedness for each industry of our expertise.

Honeywell Brands Include:   Microswitch  –  Clarostat  –  Sensotech  –  Hobbs  –  Fenwall  –  Elmwood  –  Sensysm

NKK Switches

NKK Switches is a global manufacturer of innovative electromechanical switches and programmable displays, setting the standard for quality and reliability in human-machine interface solutions. NKK provides full-service engineering support to include electronic system design, programming and value-added services by combining over 65 years of expertise and a true commitment to our partners’ success.

Picker Components

CIT Relay & Switch is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of all the assets of Picker Relay.

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Since 1983, Picker Components and CIT Relay & Switch’s mission has been to become a leading provider of electro-mechanical and Solid-State relays. As you know, Picker Components has been providing one or more relays to you; with this acquisition CIT Relay & Switch will be able to offer an expanded selection of relays and switches to your design team.

Picker was founded in 1983 and today our production lines are 80% automated. This combined with superior designs, high quality materials and 100% testing guarantees our relays exceed the published specifications. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001-2000 & ISO14001:2004 certified and have been issued an ISO/TS 16949:2002 certificate by TUV SUD.