Product Type: LCD

All-In-One Light Panel PCs

Available in 15.6”, 18.5”, 21.5”, and 23.8”. The PPC-Mart line is an all-in-one light panel PC with a wide format 18.5″ industrial-grade LCD. Powered by a sixth generation Intel® Core™ i processor, it provides excellent performance, memory, graphics, and peripheral I/O support in a compact, fanless, embedded system. With a high-durability design, it features a true-flat touchscreen with an IP65-rated front panel, and die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure, making it ideal for diverse applications.

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Industrial Monitors with Resistive Touch Control

Available in 15.6” and 21.5”. Aimed at industrial and IoT applications, the FPM-200 series are true-flat LCD monitors that feature an IP66-rated front panel for protection from water and dust ingress. This ensures the monitors can withstand rigorous cleaning using high-pressure water jets, making them ideal for industrial environments with harsh operating conditions. Designed with the same slim, compact form factor as Advantech’s TPC touch panel computers for easy integration, the FPM-200 series monitors are equipped with ten-point multitouch control functionality to offer a more lightweight display solution that can be conveniently operated.

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Semi-Industrial Monitors with P-CAP Touch Control

Available in 15.6” and 21.5”. The FPM-100 series is a semi-industrial grade monitor that provides vivid images and intuitive multitouch functionalities. Along with its slim and compact design, the FPM-100W series is suitable to be placed everywhere that both information displays and human interactions are required.

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Segment LCD

Segment LCDs, AKA static LCDs or glass LCDs are easily identified by their fixed graphics and calculator like digits. This is one of the first LCD technologies created and is still one of the most popular due to the low piece price and low price of customization. Nearly every segment LCD is custom designed to meet your requirements.


  • Fully customizable
  • Low piece price
  • Low tooling price
  • Sunlight readable
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Ultra-wide temperature rating

3400-GATE – Electronic Totalizer Counter for Liftgates

Designed for liftgates and incorporating an internal delay circuit to ensure accurate counts.

The 3400-GATE is an LCD Counter with a large display with 0.28” [7mm] high characters. It has been designed to be used on liftgates installed on trucks and commercial vehicles of all types.

Regular servicing of tailgates is crucial to ensure they are working to optimum levels and do not break down. The 3400-GATE incorporates a delay circuit, instructing the counter to count only if the activation switch is held ON for more then 5 seconds, which equates to 2 feet of travel. If the activation switch is pulsed ON and OFF rapidly, the counter will ignore that signal and no count will occur.


  • Totally sealed from moisture and dirt
  • 5 second delay for count
  • Always on display
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V vehicles
  • Logic LOW <1VDC. Logic HIGH 4-30VDC
  • Count on a High to Low transition

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With Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) technology applied to the display, each display pixel has its own transistors and capacitors located next to it. When addressing a particular column and individually activating each pixel in that row of a TFT display, this will ensure dramatically faster response time and greater contrast of pictures quality compared to CSTN display. Therefore, TFT screens are also called active matrix LCDs.

Ever since the first TFT display was born, the existing LCD industry has experienced fundamental changes, demands for wider viewing angle, higher resolution, high brightness, and long-life backlight, are never ending. We work closely with our TFT cells suppliers to design and manufacture high performance, durable TFT display for both custom and standard ones.

Our core competitiveness is to develop added values of high quality products and provide efficient designs service. Especially the concept of “Interactive Display” which is TFT display integrated with Capacitive Touch Panel to provide the novel and more natural ways for people to easily access and manipulate related information from the machines.

Character LCD Modules

  • Powertip manufactures the complete line of industry standard character modules from 08×01 character up to 40×4 character

Graphic LCD Modules

  • Graphic LCD modules with controller IC are available with the following resolutions: 98×32, 120×32, 122×32, 128×64, 240×64, 240×128, 320×240


  • Wide viewing angle
  • High contrast ration: 400:1 +
  • Wide operation temperature range: -30C to 85C
  • Support duty ration: static 1/2, 1/4, 1/16, 1/32 duty

COG LCD Modules

  • One Chip solution up to 320×240 with gray graphic