Product Type: LED

USCI Lite Series LED Driver

Delta LED drivers come in different series to suit different application needs. The USCI LITE series features program output current level. USCI LITE series offers the capability to achieve different levels of LED brightness via a built-in 1-10V dimming function to meet various application and energy optimization needs. The products are designed and rigorously tested to work with various outdoor LED lighting conditions. Featuring high surge immunity (CM: 6kV, DM: 6kV) and complying with Dry and Damp locations.

Highlights & Features

  • Constant current design
  • Adjustable constant current level through the program tool
  • 6kV Combi-wave surge rating meets ANSI C82.77-5
  • UL LISTED, Class P & Type HL, UL Dry & Damp
  • 1-10V dimming available
  • 50,000 hours lifetime

TLD Series – LED Drivers

20-40 Watt Single Output Encapsulated Switching Power Supply with PFC for Indoor & Outdoor IP66/NEMA 4 Applications

LED drivers are an essential element of any LED lighting project or installation. The issue is that LED lighting is vulnerable to thermal runaway. As ambient temperatures increase, the amount of forward voltage (the volts required by the light emitting diode to conduct electricity and actually light up) decreases and the LEDs will draw more current, heating up until they burn out.

To solve this problem, the LED driver is a self-contained power supply that regulates its output current to match what is needed by the LED lights, thereby keeping the current constant and avoiding thermal runaway.

Delta Electronics / Power & Fans

Delta shipped its first switching power supply in the early 80s, and since then, it has been dedicated to providing higher efficiency and higher power density.

Delta Group designs and builds innovative cooling systems that perform at the highest levels – even in the harshest environments. The Delta Fan and Thermal product line offers a full range of axial fans, blowers, and thermal management products. The unique patented blade design and innovative structure greatly increase cooling performance and reduce system noise. Delta fans and thermal products can be found worldwide, serving a wide range of industries and organizations. Highly efficient cooling and ventilation systems can be customized to fit the needs of virtually any business.

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Industrial Power Supplies

Both industrial and manufacturing companies rely on Wall for high quality industrial power supplies to support a wide range of equipment. From assembly tools to heavy manufacturing equipment, Wall Industries has standard or custom industrial power supplies tailored to fit into your industrial application or environment.


  • Standard Supplies Ranging from 0.86 – 1500 Watts
  • High Efficiency and Reliability
  • Several Form Factors Available Ranging from PCB Mount to LED Drivers
  • Single and Dual Output Models
  • Customization Available for any Application

HLG Series

Wattage: 40W~600W


  • 90~305VAC input, built-in active PFC function
  • 96% high efficiency (HLG-600H)
  • Metal case, IP67/IP65 design for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Function options: output adjustable via potentiometer; 3-in-1 dimming (1~10Vdc or 10V PWM signal or resistance); timer dimming
  • Type “HL” LED drivers for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous (Classified) location luminaries
  • Suitable for LED street lighting, outdoor LED lighting, and general outdoor applications with high IP requirement
  • IP68/-55℃ startup/10G vibration options available (Please contact MEAN WELL for details)
  • 7-year warranty

UHP Series

Wattage: 200W~2500W
  • Slim and Low profile
  • Fanless design, free air convection
  • Built-in active PFC function 150%
  • Peak load capability (100ms)
  • DC OK active signal and redundant function (option)
  • Operating altitude up to 5000 meters
  • LED indicator for power on

Super Flux LEDs


  • Low power consumption
  • Low profile
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Package in tube for use with automatic insertion equipment
  • RoHS compliant


  • Automotive exterior lighting
  • Electronic signs and signals
  • Specialty lighting


Tri-Mag, LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power supplies, EMI/RFI filters, and DC-DC converters.  As a subsidiary of Curtis Industries, Tri-Mag maintains a strong reputation for providing the highest quality electrical components in the industry. From our standard products to custom designs, Tri-Mag offers a full range of power solutions, supported by the industry’s best customer service, for numerous products and applications. With a complete list of specifications and information for our ever expanding product line, we’re here to help you find the right electrical component for your product.

Triad Magnetics

For more than 80 years, Triad has been an electronics leader with a well-recognized brand in the engineering community. Triad Magnetics’ pioneering design process promotes innovation. There are thousands of Triad Magnetics designs providing application solutions throughout the world, from Industrial Controls to Medical to Alternative Energy. Our engineers are experienced in all packaging styles, and each engineer has direct ownership and manages projects from initial concept through production.

Triad has more than 1,500 off-the-shelf catalog power transformers, inductors, and wall plug-in power supplies. Our main production facility for standard products is located in the Philippines, with smaller production and custom runs at our new design and manufacturing center in Perris, CA.

Astrodyne TDI

Astrodyne TDI designs and manufactures innovative power solutions for demanding applications worldwide.

The company’s products include power supplies and EMI filters for industrial, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, consumer appliances, military, aerospace, and many varied markets. With over 50 years of power supply design experience, Astrodyne TDI is headquartered in Nashua, NH, and has engineering and manufacturing centers in the USA and China.