Product Type: Light Pipe

LPCR Series

  • Front panel mount light pipe with crushable ribs that eases installation, and enables unlimited flush panel design opportunities. Optional retainer for high-vibration environments.
  • LPCR Series is designed to work with mass-produced product, and is offered in a wide range of length which simplifies the PCB positioning in relation to the display panel.
  • Fresnel lens that provides excellent light focus, with a wide viewing angle at 160 degrees, reduced shadowing and glare.
  • No physical connection between light pipe and LED (SMT or through hole) provides versatility for assembly.

LPR/LPV Rigid Light Pipe Series

Bivar’s the first to offer innovative Zero Light Bleed adapter technology with built-in surface mount LED.

The Zero Light Bleed adapter channels light directly to the lens, eliminating disruptive light bleed. The all-in-one adapter system is built with optimum light pipe and LED compatibility delivering convenience and resource savings for procurement and assembly.

The Zero Light Bleed surface mount rigid light pipe system is available in right angle LPR and vertical LPV configurations with a wide variety of sizes and colors.


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