Product Type: Linear

Linear Solenoids

A Linear Solenoid is an electromagnetic device that converts electrical energy into a mechanical pushing or pulling force or motion. Deltrol Controls offers a wide variety of different linear solenoid models including C-frame, D-frame, Tubular MED, and Magnetic Latching. Solenoid models are capable of providing up to 1.5” of stroke or travel depending on the model. Different coil windings are designed to provide a range forces at different stroke lengths. Many models are UL recognized which assists customers in obtaining required agency certifications.


  • C-frame, D-Frame, and tubular constructions
  • Magnetic latching options available
  • Class F (155° C) encapsulated coils on many models
  • UL certification or insulation systems
  • Custom designs available upon request (min quantities apply)


  • Appliances
  • Generators
  • Printing equipment
  • HVAC
  • Security
  • Beverage Dispensing Equipment
  • Commercial Laundry Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Small Engines
  • Motorcycle Aftermarket
  • Valves
  • Gaming Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Vending Equipment
  • and many more

Soft Shift Linear DC Solenoids

Johnson Electric’s SoftShift linear solenoids provide slow, smooth position control or high speed snap action operation. SoftShift solenoids have a unique construction which allows easy transition from snap action to variable positioning. Using the same power, starting force is three to five times higher than standard solenoids at the fully de-energized position. This is advantageous for starting inertial loads or detent mechanisms, and for conserving electrical power. This solenoid offers quiet operation, high power density, and a variety of sizes. Custom engineered solutions ensure that exact application requirements are met. With life of 10 million cycles, the SoftShift platform is ideal for applications requiring closed loop velocity and position control.


  • Weight calibration system diverter gates and dump bins in food packaging equipment
  • Centrifuge vial position mover
  • Blood Analyzer grip or clamp

Linear AC Solenoids

Laminated AC Linear Solenoids from Johnson Electric have a T-shaped laminated designed plunger and laminated steel frame. This platform has the unique ability to hold an exceptionally heavy load with quiet operation. To minimize the humming or chattering of most AC solenoids, the contact surfaces of the laminated frame and plunger are machined to provide a smooth and flush contact surface.

Our Super-T Laminates are products developed from years of engineering, research and manufacturing experience. Available in various frame sizes with life up to 100,000 cycles and a variety of plunger and coil arrangements, this platform is ideal for most very high force AC applications including industrial equipment, business machines home technologies and HVAC.

Low Profile Linear DC Solenoids

Johnson Electric’s Low Profile Linear DC Solenoids offer extremely compact design which optimizes the magnetic flux path for maximum force versus stroke characteristics. The construction of the plunger assembly provides an auxiliary flux path which permits a significant increase in force. The reliability and high performance of the low profile design make it an ideal choice for applications in which consistent, reliable operation is critical. Long life operation with a very high force in a small package make the Low Profile Linear DC Solenoid technology idea for a variety of applications including pumps, packaging equipment, and instrumentation & testing equipment.


  • Robotic Analyzers
  • Automatic shut-off for fuel pumps
  • Parking brake lock for material handling equipment

Open Frame Linear DC Solenoids

Johnson Electric’s linear open frame solenoid technology consists of an open iron frame, an overmolded or taped coil, and a movable plunger in the center of the coil. This platform is available in AC and DC versions and in two frame styles, the C Frame style, in which the coil is enclosed only on one side, and the Box Frame style in which the coil in enclosed on two sides. The Box Frame style provides slightly higher force output and higher resistance to environmental conditions. Open Frame Solenoid technology offers an economical design for high volume applications, continuous or intermittent duty, and on/off operation common in applications such as vending machines and automated door locks. This technology offers life up to 5 million cycles and a variety of size, force and stroke options. Custom designs can significantly increase life performance.


  • Process Path Changing (ATM)
  • Coin change diverter
  • Safe/Locker Locks
  • Air Flow valve actuator

Johnson Electric – Saia Burgess

Johnson Electric is a global leader in motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects. We serve a broad range of industries including automotive, building automation and security, business machines, defense and aerospace, food and beverage, home technologies, HVAC, industrial equipment, medical devices, personal care, power equipment and power tools.

Brand names:    Saia-Burgess  –  Ledex  –  Dormeyer


Deltrol Controls is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deltrol Corp. For over 50 years, we have designed and manufactured solenoids, relays, valves, and custom assemblies for a variety of applications. Our Milwaukee operation employs approximately 115 people, working out of a 110,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. We also have manufacturing capabilities in other parts of the world that allow us to be a globally competitive supplier.

Guardian div. of Kelco

100% Made in the USA

Guardian Electric manufactures a standard line of solenoids, including AC and DC frame, DC tubular and latching and AC laminate solenoids produced in various standard voltages.

For custom applications, our standard solenoids can be modified to fit a particular application or we can design a new solenoid to meet a specific requirement.

All catalog solenoids are UL Recognized and RoHS compliant (2011/65/EU)