Product Type: Magnetics

Ferrite Chip Beads

NIC Components ferrite chip beads focus on the important issue of electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise suppression. Using a multilayer construction with sizes from 0201 to 1812 and specialty array solutions available NIC targets every available option for you up to and above 1Ghz, high current and automotive grade options. Use the EMI QuickBUILDER as a resource to additional technical information including impedance curves.

Metal Composite Power Inductors

Innovative design and unique construction give NIC Power Inductors a clear edge over competing solutions. Focusing on surface mount and leaded options of ferrite and metal composite materials allows variety of case sizes for engineer flexibility.

NLTN Series – LAN Transformers

NIC offers high performance transformers that focus on automatic winding and surface mount for best performance and placement. Flyback power transformers focus on PoE application from 7W allowing customization, size reductions and increase in quality with fully automated production.

Class-2 Power Control Transformers

Triad’s TCT Series

Triad 40VA and 50VA Class 2 control transformers supply secondary voltages that are commonly utilized in various electronic, electro-magnetic and electrical control conditions including relays, solenoids, small motors, pumps, heating elements, control valves for fluids/gases, fans, blowers and lights. They conform to industry standard mounting dimensions with various connection options including wire leads and quick-connect tabs.


  • HVAC
  • Food and beverage equipment
  • Alarm systems
  • Vending machines
  • Elevators
  • Access control
  • Door/gate openers
  • Irrigation


197 Series – High-Frequency Reactors


  • Perfect for high-frequency filtering applications.
  • High-permeability core ideal for applications under 50 kHz
  • High self-resonant frequency values
  • Operating Frequency: 60Hz – 10kHz
  • Some models feature universal channel mount packaging with flexible insulated leads (6″ min.).
  • Some models feature rugged construction with aluminum bases and stainless steel bands along with open-style terminals for maximum versatility.
  • Consult datasheets for further design details.
  • For applications at 60Hz, try out 195-196 Series

VPM – Series Medical Grade Transformers

Triad Magnetics has extensive experience in manufacturing medical grade transformers. Triad’s Toroidal Medical power transformers are ideal transformers for a range of medical applications and, with more than 45 models available, we have a transformer for each of them. Our toroidal construction medical power transformers, with dual secondary cores to allow for both series and parallel connections, maintain low leakage current, low stray fields, regulation between 0.7% and 12.3%, and low temperatures rises of only 25ºC to 55ºC. VPM-Series Power Range: 25VA to 10KVA Primary: 100, 120, 208, 220 or 240VAC, 50/60Hz Secondary: Dual for parallel or series connection Insulation Class: Class F, 155°C Dielectric Isolation (Pri to Sec): 4KV for 60 secs. Low leakage current and low stray field.

EMI Cores

KEMET offers ferrite cores in many different shapes and sizes that can help filter out noise in low, middle, and high frequencies. In addition to the accommodating flat and round cables with the ferrite cores, there are also AEC-Q200-qualified parts available for your automotive needs.

Ferrite Beads

KEMET’s unique multilayer structure provides higher reliability and minimizes heat generation when filtering out high-frequency noise. Our ferrite beads are suitable for both signal and power lines and are commonly found in space-restricted applications such as wearables or PCs.

Pulse Transformers

Pulse transformers are specially designed, common mode chokes that filter out any common mode EMI currents coming from the power line communication’s power transformer or the analog front-end of the modem. With support for up to 264 VAC and low insertion loss starting at 1 MHz, pulse transformers are an effective solution to pass EMI regulatory compliance, while allowing the desired signals to pass unaffected.

NPIS_L/NPIS_LS/NPIS_LP Series – Shielded Low Profile Power Inductors

Three product series are included within the NPIS_L_ family of low profile shielded power inductors. NPIS_L_ family utilizes automated component assembly processing resulting in ultra-small low profile case sizes with improved quality and higher current ratings than conventional construction power inductors in the same size. Noise reduction is improved by use of resin shielding material, making these power inductors the ideal choice for today’s improved efficient DC-DC converters.

    • Twenty three (23) case sizes ranging from 2mm x 1.6mm to 8.0mm x 8.0mm (LxW) with component heights ranging from 1.0mm to 4.5mm
    • Inductance values range from 0.16uH ~ 330uH in ±20% (M) or ±30% (Y) inductance tolerances
    • Isat up to 11A (NPIS_L), 7.8A (NPI_LP) and 13.8A (NPIS_LS)
    • NPI_LP features lower DCR (up to 30% lower)
    • -40°C ~ +125°C including self-heating (+40°C) temperature rise (+120°C limit for NPIS_L)


  • Power Supplies
  • Driver Circuits
  • Point of Load
  • DC-DC Converters
  • LDO Regulators
  • Battery Charging
  • Communication
  • Wireless
  • Network Equipment
  • Industrial Controls
  • Lighting & Displays
  • Appliances
  • Point of Sale
  • Security & Alarm
  • IoT