Product Type: Mini Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker Protection

  • UL 489, UL 508 or UL 1077
  • Two lines of AC or DC UL489 Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • UL508 Manual Motor Controllers “Suitable as Motor Disconnect”
  • Three-Phase Adjustable Trip Miniature Circuit Breakers/Manual Motor Controllers
  • Two lines of UL1077 Recognized Supplementary Protectors

BAB Bolt-On Miniature Circuit Breakers

Eaton’s bolt-on miniature circuit breakers (Quicklag) provide superior protection in panelboards,  and offer easy installation. They are also switching duty rated for 120 VAC fluorescent light applications, and UL 489 listed. All products 15–100A are HACR rated.  Select from one-, two-, or three-pole designs.


  • Flexible power feed connection (wire size and position) offers product uniformity as well as ease of installation.
  • Field-mountable accessories make installation and on-site custom configuration easy.
  • Compact designs available to minimize panel size.