Product Type: MOSFET

IGBT & MOSFET Low-Side Gate Drivers

The IX4426, IX4427, and IX4428 are dual high-speed, low-side gate drivers. Each of the two outputs can source and sink 1.5A of peak current with rise and fall times of less than 10ns. The inputs of each driver are TTL and CMOS compatible and are virtually immune to latch-up. Low propagation delay times and fast, matched rise and fall times make the IX4426, IX4427, and IX4428 ideal for high-frequency and high-power applications.

The IX4426 is configured as a dual inverting driver; the IX4427 is configured as a dual noninverting driver; and the IX4428 is configured with one inverting driver and one noninverting driver. All three devices are available in a standard eight-pin SOIC package (N suffix) and an eight-pin DFN package (M suffix).


  • 1.5A Peak Output Current
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: 4.5V to 35V
  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Latch-up Protected to 1.5A
  • TTL- and CMOS-Compatible Inputs
  • Fast Rise and Fall Times
  • Low Power Consumption


  • MOSFET Driver
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Motor Controls
  • DC-to-DC Converters
  • Pulse Transformer Driver

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IX4351NE 9A Low-Side SiC MOSFET & IGBT Driver

The IX4351NE is designed specifically to drive SiC MOSFETs and high-power IGBTs. Separate 9A source and sink outputs allow for tailored turn-on and turn-off timing while minimizing switching losses. An internal negative charge regulator provides a selectable negative gate drive bias for improved dV/dt immunity and faster turn-off.

Desaturation detection circuitry detects an overcurrent condition of the SiC MOSFET and initiates a soft turn-off, thus preventing a potentially damaging dV/dt event. The logic input is TTL and CMOS compatible; this input does not need to be level shifted even with a negative gate drive bias voltage. Protection features include UVLO and thermal shutdown detection. An open drain FAULT output signals a fault condition to the microcontroller.

The IX4351NE is rated for an operational temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and is available in a thermally enhanced 16-pin power SOIC package.

Automotive Qualified MOSFETs

These MOSFET devices have been extensively tested and approved for the rigorous automotive applications.


Taiwan Semiconductor is a leading supplier of discrete power semiconductor products. TSC’s product portfolio includes power MOSFETs, power rectifiers, TVS/ESD protection, linear and switching voltage regulators, Hall effect sensors, and power control ICs for lighting applications. Taiwan Semiconductor’s wholly owned production facilities in China and Taiwan are fully certified to current automotive and environmental standards including TS16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001.