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PCB Mount HDMI Connectors

PCB Mount HDMI Connectors from Switchcraft® offer reliable quality in 4 versatile designs. Compatible with standard HDMI Type A connectors, these receptacles feature premium materials and a robust design, while unique vertical mount styles provide space savings to solve common design challenges.

XW4M/XW4N Series – Push-In Terminal Block PCB Connectors

Designed with a Unique Dual-Spring Structure for Enhanced Ease of Use

Push-in terminal block is a type of terminal block that can be connected simply by inserting the wires. Its main feature is reduction of wiring workload.

  • Substantial reduction of connecting workload
    • Connecting workload can be reduced by over 60% when connecting round terminals and Y terminals with screws and connecting ferrule terminals by push-in insertion.
  • No retightening required
    • If screw terminal blocks are used, it is said that retightening is required 3 times on average, at the time of manufacturing, transportation and installation. Since the push-in terminal block is supposed to have screws, it is possible to reduce the retightening workload to zero.


  • Reduction of cycle time
    • Easy insertion and removal by pushing the lever
    • Light insertion and removal force helps reduce troubles such as pin warpage due to twisting
    • Easy operation facilitates continuity check and shipping inspection in an official residence
  • Save space and reduce workload
    • If multiple terminal Blocks with a small number of poles have been added, space saving and cost reduction are achieved by combining multiple poles into one.
    • No additional processing is required due to the standard pin number marking
    • Reduced man-hours by supporting reflow
  • Easy operation
    • Connector type (plug/socket) allows you to perform wiring anywhere
    • One-touch wiring is made possible by simply inserting the wires with ferrule terminals
    • Push-in design is maintenance free, requiring no torque management and tightening as compared to screws


  • Unique dual-spring structure
    • Easy insertion & removal, high contact reliability
  • Single-handed action
    • Easy single-handed connector insertion and removal
  • Hands-free
    • Makes it easy to connect wires
  • The product comes standard with pin number markings
  • Allows for checking continuity in the wired state


  • Robot controller
  • AC servo driver
  • NC devices
  • Programmable display
  • PLC
  • Measuring instruments machines
  • Inspection machines


PCB Connectors

Our PCB connectors offer a wide variety of options for a myriad of applications. Screw connectors are available in socket terminal style, in elevator clamping style, or as head contact terminals. The plug connectors are especially designed for the connection of components or peripheral devices. The plug-in connector systems are either screw or screwless. Corresponding pin strips are available for the plug-in connectors. The PCB connectors come in various pitch sizes and lateral flange execution, tier versions and different plug directions. Our connection systems are also available for surface mount (SMT) and reflow soldering techniques as well as for Through-Hole-Technology (THR) for conventional soldering techniques.

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PCB Mount Connectors

RF connectors designed to be installed onto a PCB. Parts are designed as through-hole or surface mount, and are configured with straight, right angle, or edge mount orientation.

Modular Jacks and Plugs

Adam Tech MTJ series Modular Jacks are a complete line of PCB and wire leaded jacks which are UL and CSA approved and meet all required FCC rules and regulations. Adam Tech offers a multitude of sizes (4P2C thru 10P10C) with styles including single, ganged and stacked versions with options of ferrite or magnetic filtering and or metal shielding. Jacks with integral LED’s and combination hybrids such as MTJ/USB jacks are also available. These jacks are available in thru-hole or SMT mounting.

Amphenol RF

Amphenol RF is the largest manufacturer of radio frequency connectors, coaxial adapters and RF cable assemblies in the world. With a global team of experienced engineers, Amphenol RF is able to offer the broadest portfolio of standard RF products on the market today. Our engineering capabilities extend to custom product development to meet the challenges of design-specific constraints.

Markets: Automotive – Broadband – Broadcast – Industrial – Instrumentation – IoT – Medical – Military – Wireless

Adam Tech

We, Adam Tech, pride ourselves on the scope of our product offering which features our innovative connector designs and manufacturing capabilities that reduces cost and improves performance in a broad range of applications. Our exclusive automated manufacturing processes provide consistent high quality with low cost and short lead times. We also welcome the opportunity to use our experience in providing custom solutions to your application specific product requirements. We can develop concepts into designs, tooling and production.


JST Corporation, established in 1957, is a global company with 37 worldwide plants in 40 countries. Known worldwide for reliability, engineering, service, and value…JST has a solution for almost every application. From the simplest to the most complex, JST has the interconnection product that fits just about every need. Product Training Modules and other technical information is available on our website and samples can also be ordered as needed.