Product Type: Piezoelectric Sirens

Challenge Electronics

Challenge Electronics, a global supplier of sounding devices, makes audio components louder, smaller, more energy efficient, more rugged and more cost effective. We make audio components with standard and customized mechanical, electrical and audio characteristics. We also provide value-added services and engineering design services for some of the world’s largest manufacturers delivering parts pre-assembled and customized for today’s manufacturing requirements and competitive markets.

Mallory Sonalert

Mallory is a technology-driven manufacturer of high-performance audible and visual indicator products including the Sonalert® brand.  Sonalert is recognized around the world as the standard in audible and visual indicators, and other audible devices such as buzzers, speakers, microphones, transducers, and sirens.  With one of the most extensive product offerings available, Mallory Sonalert delivers sound solutions to customers in a variety of industrial, consumer, transportation, medical and military markets.