Product Type: Portable Cable

Welding Cable

Welding cable is a portable cord with a single conductor that is finely stranded for flexibility. It is offered in sizes ranging from 6 AWG to 500 MCM. Oftentimes referred to as grounding cable, it features a single bare annealed copper conductor that is finely stranded which provides the flexibility that welding cable is known for.

Welding cable is typically used because of its flexibility and versatility which result from its construction of finer strands of copper and EPDM or neoprene rubber jacket. In fact, it is generally more flexible than electrical wires or power cables. Depending on the manufacturer, welding cable has a temperature rating of -50℃ – 105℃ and when put to the test, many of these cables will withstand exposure to grease, oil, and water as well as cuts, tears, and abrasion.

Cordage Cable

A portable cord (also known as portable cordage, flexible cord, or extension cord) is a cable with multiple conductors used for temporary electrical power connections requiring flexibility. The cord can be employed in a range of applications, such as operating motors in small and large tools, equipment, power extensions, home appliances, and machinery.

Alpha Wire

For over 95 years, Alpha Wire has engineered wire and cables that excel in taming tough applications. From the harsh environment of a factory floor or the critical controls on an offshore oil rig, to advanced medical devices requiring smaller, lighter connectivity solutions, cables from Alpha Wire are working reliably day in and day out. We design and manufacture every cable to meet the critical demands of real-world applications. Using premium materials, advanced manufacturing, and world-class quality control, we manufacture every cable knowing its operation is critical to an application’s success.

General Cable

General Cable (NYSE:BGC) is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of aluminum, copper and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications markets. General Cable is one of the largest wire and cable manufacturing companies in the world.  The company serves customers through a global network of manufacturing facilities in its core operating regions and has sales representation and distribution worldwide. Visit