Product Type: Power

LRMAP3920 Series – Power Resistor

LRMAP3920 gives designers stable and accurate sensing of AC and DC currents up to 150A/200A in a compact chip resistor format.

  • Bulk metal alloy technology
  • Large copper terminations for minimal joint resistance
  • Power ratings up to 10W & 15W continuous
  • Resistance values 200µΩ to 5mΩ, Tolerance to ±1%
  • Low thermal impedance minimizes temperature rise and enhances reliability
  • High surge tolerance gives reliability under inrush and momentary short circuit conditions


  • Power supply units
  • Motor control
  • Battery monitoring
  • Power hybrids

Current Sense / Shunt

  • THICK FILM – UR73/ SR73

KOA Speer offers a complete family of Current Sense Resistors capable of sensing large to small currents with ultra-low resistance down to 0.2mΩ. The large current sensing PS series provides high power ratings of with ultra-low resistance, as low as 0.2mΩ. The TLR series offers a more even thermal distribution of heat and enhanced reliability. The thick film UR73/SR73 offers low resistance values from 0.15Ω to 10mΩ with a power rating of up to 2W. The wide terminal WU73 combines high reliability and performance with a T.C.R of ±75-100 x10-6 k and resistance tolerance of 1%.


  • Large current, high precision
  • High reliability
  • Metal Plate resistive element
  • Low resistance
  • Mold package
  • AEC-Q200 Qualified


  • Car electronics
  • Personal computing devices
  • AC-Adapter and DC to DC conversion
  • Current detection in ECU
  • Power supplies

KOA Speer

Whether you’re designing the car of tomorrow or connecting the Internet of Things, you need cutting-edge product solutions to bring your design to fruition.  At KOA Speer, we’re the ideal partner to help you do just that.  Our constantly expanding line of passive components will give you the solution to make your concept a reality!

More Than Just Resistors – yes we’re the world leader in thick film resistors, but our product line is broad and growing every day, including:

  • Shunt/Current Sense Resistors
  • Wide Terminal Resistors
  • High Voltage Resistors
  • Thin Film Chip Resistors
  • Surge Resistors

New Passive Component Solutions – our engineering group will work with your design team to develop the passive component solution you need.  Many of the hundreds of new products we’ve introduced in recent years are the result of such collaboration.

ALN Series

Ohmite has the solution for high wattage surface mount chips. The ALN series thick film chips offer 3.5 watts of power dissipation in a 2512 package size. This is accomplished with  the use of an Aluminum Nitride substrate. Aluminum Nitride (AlNi) dissipates heat far more efficiently than standard Alumina or Ceramic substrates. Ohmite has engineered a thick film printing process to apply a resistive ink to the AlNi substrate creating a optimal chip for high power. Temperature coefficients are down to 150 ppm providing a chip with great stability.


  • Thick film resistive element on an aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates
  • Lead (Pb)-free wraparound termination over nickel barrier
  • Industry standard size 2512 for easy PCB application


  • Industrial
  • Telecom markets

TGHD Series

Non-Inductive High Power Resistor

Using the SOT-227 package, the TGHD series features flat type, 100W high power resistors that require an air-cooled heatsink or water-cooling to reach peak performance. These resistors are offered either with quick connect tabs or flywire leads. The TGHD Series is a great option for applications such as harmonic filters, surge protection, dummy loads, high-frequency amplifiers, and many more!


  • #187 Quick connect tabs or fly wireleads
  • Flat type, 100W high power resistor
  • Air-cooled heat sink or water-cooling required
  • Higher density packing, vibration-proof, insulation withstand voltage and perfect heat dissipation possible
  • TGHDX with wire leads follows the popular SOT-227 land pattern


  • Harmonic filter
  • Snubber resistors
  • Surge protection
  • Breeder resistor
  • Dummy load
  • Gate resistor
  • Dumping resistor for automotive electronics
  • Power supplies
  • High frequency amplifiers


High Power & Adjustable Power Resistors

Ohmite has multiple part series for High Power applications. Parts range from thick film to wirewound and many can be attached to a heatsink for enhanced power dissipation. Due to multiple mounting options and constructions, Ohmite is confident customers will find the proper High Power resistor required to fit their needs. Adjustable Power Resistors are constructed that its resistance can be readily changed.

Low Resistance Metal Alloy Power Resistors

LRMAP5930 is a high power, low value SMT shunt resistor. With values down to 200μΩ and a corresponding power rating on FR4 of 10W, the maximum measurable current is over 200A, and therefore in most cases restricted only by the capacity of the PCB tracks. A power rating of up to 15W may be achieved for assemblies on thermal substrates like DBC ceramic or IMS, making this part ideal for power hybridmodules.


  • Up to 10W rating on FR4 PCB
  • Up to 15W rating on thermal substrate
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Values 200μΩ to 2mΩ
  • High surge energy up to 33J


  • Power supplies
  • Steering control
  • Motor drives
  • Battery monitoring

IRC / TT Electronics

We design and manufacture resistors and precision resistor networks. We are recognized as being an innovative leader in the design, development and manufacture of resistors since the very beginning of the electronics industry. We are trusted by designers to provide custom solutions for critical applications from space flight controllers to medical defibrillators.

Other TT Electronics brands include: BI Technologies, Optek ,and Roxspur


RCD is a US based ISO 9001/2008 manufacturer specializing in a breadth of capabilities across passive components.  40+ years of precision and power experience positions them as a leader in markets across the spectrum (instrumentation, audio, medical, military, aerospace & transportation to name just a few).  Their global agility meets the demands of service, quality, delivery and price in a changing landscape.  The RCD SWIFTTM Program is designed to be the “get out of jail” almost free card.  Don’t forget to ask us about it!

TR Series Power Resistor

TO-220 and TO-247 style thick film power resistors offering high power density operation for heat sink mounted power electronics.  Resistance values from 0.05 ohm up to 10K ohm in tolerances as low as 0.5% and TCR as low as 50 ppm.  Non-inductive, electrically isolated, molded package for environmental protection.