Product Type: Pushbutton

JHT Mini Joysticks

  • Compact for armrest or panel mounting
  • Hall effect technology
  • Ergonomic knob on Z-Axis model rotates 60°
  • CANbus, SPI, PWM, or single or redundant analog output
  • 5 million operational cycles in all directions
  • Electronics sealed per IP68S
  • Optional pushbutton switch(es) available
  • RoHS compliant

Pushbutton Switches

The OSLO Switch Push Button switches are used in a wide range of applications for consumer electronics, appliance, telecommunications, lawn and garden, instrumentation, automotive, medical and more. These switches are used in both low voltage and high voltage applications that require high performance, repeatability, long electrical life and crisp actuation.

Pushbutton Switches

Miniature, Standard, and Full-size switches

Sealed and Nonsealed with multiple circuit, actuator, illumination, and terminal options.

Oslo Switch

Oslo Switch has been manufacturing manually-operated electromechanical switches for over 40 years. Oslo’s product offering has grown to include five types of lighted push buttons, eight styles of lighted and non-lighted rocker switches and a variety of keylocks.

CW Industries

As CW Industries, we have developed patented products and processes for several segments of the electronics industry. These products include slide, rocker, and pushbutton switches; insulation displacement connectors; and a variety of custom products.

Littelfuse – Commercial Vehicle Products

Littelfuse offers an extensive product line to help protect, control, and distribute vehicle electrical power in OEM and aftermarket applications for industries such as heavy-duty trucks, construction, and agriculture. Littelfuse offers a broad and reliable selection of fuses, fuse blocks, power distribution modules, high-current switches, relays, and solenoids to fit your requirements. For decades, Littelfuse has helped OEMs, engineers, and end-users select the right product for their applications. Today, Littelfuse offers the broadest range of products for protection, sensing, and control needs while providing the exceptional service and support that our customers expect.

Piezo 22mm 30mm

If you are looking for robust pushbuttons that perform in extreme application environments, you are at the right place. Conventional pushbuttons are electromechanical devices designed for regular industrial applications with up to IP66 protection. They typically have seams between the button head and the mounted operator, which may trap moisture, dust, debris, or germs. With no moving parts, IDEC piezo switches are solid-state switches designed for the most demanding conditions from subfreezing to high-temperature/high-pressure washdowns, far exceeding the limits of conventional pushbuttons. All IDEC piezo switches are built with LED illumination to provide visual feedback indication. The LED ring or dot is translucent when off. Models with dual-color illumination make multifunctionality possible with solid or flashes of different colors.

Key Features

  • Rugged unibody construction with no moving parts
  • IP68 & IP69K protection
  • 22mm or 30mm diameter with ring or dot LED indicator
  • 12 VDC or 24 VDC rating
  • Short stainless steel 316L (food-grade) housing
  • Single- or dual-color LED illumination
  • Side-viewable LED models
  • Over 50 million operations

CP Series

Available with diameter 16, 19 or 22 mm bushing, CP series sensory switches are extremely easy to use and ideal for repetitive applications (no operating force). Their IK10 robustness and unlimited life are perfect for self-service applications.


  • Autocalibration
  • Momentary or latching
  • Independent or output image LED functionality
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 50 million cycles
  • No moving mechanical parts to wear out
  • Bushing diameter 16, 19 or 22 mm
  • Impervious to dust and dirt
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals and contaminants
  • Sealed to IP68 and IP69K
  • Impact resistance: IK10

MSS Series – Metal Slim Switch

The new MSS uses a technology that was previously unknown in the electronic switch world. The MSS is an active electronic switch that reacts to a minimal deformation of the actuating surface. The technology is extremely precise so that only a small amount of pressure is required.


  • Active electronic switch (LA) / pushbutton (MO) without moving parts
  • Triggering of the switching mechanism by light pressure on the switching surface
  • Multicolor illumination – the max. currents fot the LEDs must be considered and, if necessary, series resistors must be used
  • Unilluminated variants in different colors

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Small installation depth
  • Variable input voltage
  • Trendy design


  • Side illumination
  • Wearless – no moving parts


  • Sanitary Applications
  • Medical Products
  • Food Processing Machines
  • Industrial Applications
  • Automation Industry
  • Audio Visual
  • Price and Quality Allows for Universal Applications

KP Series Illuminated Pushbutton

The KP series from NKK features a super-bright RGB LED or a bicolor amber/blue LED. The unique design of the switch ensures illumination that is evenly diffused. The LED provides vibrant, bright full color spectrum illumination with precise color matching available.


  • Compact design with height of .906”(23.0mm) from PC board to top of cap
  • Distinct, long travel of .177” (4.5mm) for KP01 or shorter stroke of .138” (3.5mm) for KP02
  • Twin contacts with gold plating assure high reliability and long life of 5,000,000 operations minimum


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