Product Type: RC Networks

RC Networks


Electrocube carries an extensive line of more than 400 precision UL-recognized and ULc-approved RC Networks designed to prevent or substantially minimize the occurrence of arcing and noise generations in relay and switch contacts. They are manufactured as both off-the shelf and made-to-custom design specifications from one network to 40 networks in a container. Made in the U.S., there are thousands of unique suppression designs to eliminate surges produced by relays and solenoids.


Electrocube designs the UL-recognized and ULc-approved RG1676 RC Network for arc and noise suppression in heavy duty applications that require greater magnitudes of power dissipation. Made in the U.S., arc suppressing RC Networks consist of specially designed precision capacitors and resistors connected in a series. Spark discharges and induced noise are absorbed over a wide range by the accumulation characteristic and impedance of the capacitor. During this process, the RC time constant delays and averages surge voltage and oscillations.


Electrocube is one of the most respected design manufacturers of passive electrical component products forĀ a wide range of standard and custom applicationsĀ – from aerospace and audio to elevators and heavy equipment – as a capacitor supplier, resistor-capacitor distributor, and more.