Product Type: Safety / Stop

FF01 Series Emergency Stop

NKK now offers a series of emergency stop (E-Stop) switches for applications requiring a dependable, failsafe control response.


  • Industry’s shortest in its class behind-panel depth of 13.6mm
  • Both pull or twist reset options
  • Innovative sliding latch OFF state mechanism resistant to chatter vibration and shocks


  • Operation controllers such as teach pendants
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Fluid dispensers
  • Laser measurement devices


EC Series

The EC series for PCB is a compact emergency stop switch with a panel cut-out of 22 mm. It is the market’s first PCB-mounted emergency stop switch that guarantees a high safety level, thanks to an extra locking ring that keeps the 2 parts together to avoid a floating mount. This high-level feature satisfies a critical need in many applications, especially those that need a compact e-stop solution with easy PCB installation.


  • Compact
  • Resist to vibration
  • UL qualified
  • 2 poles for additional safety
  • PCB mounting

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ES Emergency Stop

Heavy-duty safety switch with dia. 34 mm red anodized actuator, designed for heavy-duty applications. Features IK10 impact resistance, IP65, IP67 & IP69K frontal sealing, and compliant with EN 60947-5-1 certification. Push-pull ON-ON function.


  • Metal product with dia. 22 mm bushing (market standard)
  • 100,000-cycle mechanical life
  • IK10 Impact resistance, no axis deformation even if exposed to major shocks
  • Sealed to IP65, IP67 & IP69K
  • Lower behind-panel depth
  • Locked/unlocked status indicator
  • Customizable actuator and bezel (color, shape, marking)

HMI Solutions (X Series E-stop)

IDEC now offers a new series of E-stops that provide an even higher level of function and safety to customers. These 30mm XN E-stops are the first and only with exciting, new technology to make machines even safer.

Features include our unique “Safe Break Action,” which ensures NC contacts will open if the contact block is damaged or separated from the operator due to excessive force. Direct Opening Action ensures that even if the contacts are welded, the force applied on the button will directly open the contact. And a Safety Interlock Mechanism keeps contacts open when the operator is locked.

Inspired by the lockout concept, the new XN series of padlock-type E-stops were developed to prevent unauthorized or accidental resetting of latched emergency stop switches, by allowing the use of up to 20 personal padlocks*. XN1E series E-stops save space behind the panel with depths of only 47.7mm for up to four contacts. And XN5E series E-stops only extend 21mm from the front of the panel, ideal for applications needing a low-profile design.

Key Features

  • Available in plastic bezel, metallic padlock, flush bezel
  • Only 47.7mm depth behind the panel for up to 4 contacts (XN1E)
  • Unique “Safe Break Action”
  • Direct Opening Action (IEC60947-5-5, 5.2, IEC60947-5-1, Annex-K)
  • Safety Lock mechanism (IEC60947-5-5, 6.2)
  • Push-to-lock, pull/turn-to reset built into one switch(XN1E and XN5E); Push-to-lock, turn to reset (XN4E)
  • RoHS compliant, lead free design, UL-listed, cUL, TUV, CE

Safety & Explosion Protection Solutions (SE2L)

The IDEC SE2L safety laser scanner is the smallest in the world, while outperforming most of the competition. Features include a 270-degree sensing angle, a 5m safety protection zone, a 20m warning zone and customizable protection patterns.

Key Features

  • Protection zone (safety): 5m
  • Warning zone (non-safety): 20m
  • 270 degree sensing angle
  • Master and slave function
  • Maximum 32 patterns
  • Scan skip function reduces false detection
  • Customizable protection patterns
  • EDM functions
  • MicroSD slot
  • PLd, Safety Category 3, SIL2
  • PFHd: 7.50E-09


Whether you’re looking for automation products such as HMI Touchscreens and PLCs; machine safety products such as safety laser scanners, safety relay modules and controllers, light curtains and explosion-proof devices; or industrial components such as emergency stops, power supplies, LED lighting, switches and relays, IDEC offers feature-rich components that work together seamlessly to optimize your applications.

With the acquisition of APEM, IDEC enhanced our ability to provide the ultimate in human-machine interface (HMI) solutions. APEM’s specialized offerings for markets including agricultural, medical, aeronautics, defense and transportation, make IDEC’s product lines broader and more versatile. Together, we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality HMI components, panels and systems.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, a movement of sustainable companies, our mission is to continue developing smarter products, advancing the IIoT and creating a sustainable planet.

Cable Pull Safety Switches

Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH CPS Series Cable-Pull Safety Switches provide a readily accessible emergency stop signal, a cost-effective means compared to using multiple emergency stop push-buttons. The CPS Series Cable Pull Safety Switch’s internal mechanism latches on both slackened cable (push) and pulled cable.

Johnson Electric – Saia Burgess

Johnson Electric is a global leader in motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects. We serve a broad range of industries including automotive, building automation and security, business machines, defense and aerospace, food and beverage, home technologies, HVAC, industrial equipment, medical devices, personal care, power equipment and power tools.

Brand names:    Saia-Burgess  –  Ledex  –  Dormeyer

NKK Switches

NKK Switches is a global manufacturer of innovative electromechanical switches and programmable displays, setting the standard for quality and reliability in human-machine interface solutions. NKK provides full-service engineering support to include electronic system design, programming and value-added services by combining over 65 years of expertise and a true commitment to our partners’ success.


For 90 years, Omron Electronic Components has been a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced electronic components. Extensive product groups include relays, switches, connectors, MEMS flow sensors, pressure sensors, and optical components. Omron Electronic Components is the Americas subsidiary of Omron Corporation, an $8+ billion global leading supplier of electronics and control system components and services. Omron’s broad product offering can be found in applications for the communications, transportation, HVAC, appliance, industrial automation, consumer electronics, test and measurement, and gaming markets around the world. Omron Electronic Components has an extensive sales network consisting of regional sales professionals, inside sales representatives, technical sales assistants, customer service staff, and an authorized distributor network.