Product Type: Snapaction

Miniature D4

  • Versatile miniature snap switch
  • High level of repeat accuracy & contact stability
  • Switching current 0.1 to 21 A at 250 VAC
  • Wide variety of auxiliary actuators and terminal options
  • Housing material PA 6 (T85 versions, colour black*) & PET (T125 & T150 versions, colour beige)
  • Fulfills requirements of IEC 603351: GWFI at 850 °C, GWIT at 775 °C & GWT 750 °C
  • Ambient temperature -40 to max. +150 °C
  • Approved according to IEC 61058-1 / UL 61058-1 (T85 versions) & IEC 61058 and UL 1054 (T125 & T150 versions)
  • Cadmium-free contact materials
  • Halogen-free plastic material (T85 versions)
  • Degree of protection IP40



Crouzet offers snap action technology expertise through microswitches which can be adapted to suit any needs: connectors, lever, body size and many other adaptation possibilities. These high quality and reliable products are suitable and crucial in harsh environments with severe constraints. The extensive choice consists of standard and customized switches.

Key Features

  • Sub-subminiature, subminiature, miniature, and special versions
  • Large range of switching ratings from 1 mA to 25 A
  • Magnetic blowout versions for High DC ratings
  • Sealed models
  • Positive break versions
  • A wide range of operating temperatures
  • Models for explosive atmospheres
  • Long service life


  • Railway
    • Passenger Compartment
      • Emergency stops, operating pedals in toilets, driver’s braking and acceleration handles
    • Bodywork
      • Door locking systems, automatic steps
    • Infrastructure
      • Automatic barriers, switch machines, automatic steps
  • Electrical Equipment
    • High voltage
      • Auxiliary contacts on motorized or manual systems
    • Medium voltage
      • Auxiliary signaling and safety contacts
    • Low voltage
      • Auxiliary signaling contacts
  • Transportation
    • Automotive:
      • Seat switches, comfort adjustment modules
    • Trucks and Special Vehicles
      • Cabin doors, arms/outside mechanisms
    • Off-road:
      • Handling/lifting equipment, cranes, forklifts, pallet stackers
    • Agriculture
      • Brake and clutch pedals, arm opening, driver presence detection

Micro Switch Basic Switches

The switch is on. Honeywell’s snap-action basic switch is simple, superior, durable, and irreplaceable. Globally compliant and known worldwide for their compact and lightweight design, MICRO SWITCH snap-action switches are designed for accurate repeatability and extended life. MICRO SWITCH Basic switches are designed for presence and absence detection where physical contact with an object is permissible. They also excel in applications requiring simple on-and-off actions.

Johnson Electric – Saia Burgess

Johnson Electric is a global leader in motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects. We serve a broad range of industries including automotive, building automation and security, business machines, defense and aerospace, food and beverage, home technologies, HVAC, industrial equipment, medical devices, personal care, power equipment and power tools.

Brand names:    Saia-Burgess  –  Ledex  –  Dormeyer

ZF Electronics

ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology and on May 20, 2015 ZF acquired TRW Automotive.  The company is now represented in 230 offices in 40 countries.  In 2014 both companies operated independently.  Collectively, the group achieved sales exceeding €30 billion euros with approximately 134,000 employees.  The Industrial Solutions (IS) product line in the Electronic Systems business unit (formerly CHERRY) develops and manufactures electromechanical components, specifically snap switches, panel-mount switches, rocker and sealed rocker switches, a full range of sensor products as well as Energy Harvesting wireless products.  Target customers for the Industrial Solutions product line include (but are not limited to) home appliance, HVAC, medical equipment and non-automotive equipment such as agricultural and commercial equipment and power sports vehicle (including marine and RV) OEM’s and distributors.


For over 60 years, APEM has been a leading manufacturer of high quality miniature and industrial switches, offering one of the broadest ranges of products in the industry.  APEM’s portfolio, comprised of an expanding range of MMI interface products, includes switches, joysticks, indicators and keypads.

APEM is a vertically integrated manufacturer with a strong commitment to maintaining its exceptionally high standards in safety, service and reliability, while continuing its emphasis on innovation and product development.

MEC Switches is a trade name of APEM, Inc.


With more than 50,000 products ranging from snap action, limit, toggle and pressure switches to position, speed and airflow sensors, Honeywell has a product to meet any industry’s requirements and any company’s needs.

But an impressive product line is only one part. We bring to bear engineering expertise and value-added capabilities no other company offers. While our switch and sensor solutions meet a wide array of basic and complex applications, our custom-engineered solutions offer enhanced precision, repeatability and ruggedness for each industry of our expertise.

Honeywell Brands Include:   Microswitch  –  Clarostat  –  Sensotech  –  Hobbs  –  Fenwall  –  Elmwood  –  Sensysm


For over 80 years, Omron Electronic Components has been a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced electronic components. Extensive product groups include relays, switches, connectors, MEMS flow sensors, pressure sensors, and optical components. Omron Electronic Components is the Americas subsidiary of Omron Corporation, an $8+ billion global leading supplier of electronics and control system components and services. Omron’s broad product offering can be found in applications for the communications, transportation, HVAC, appliance, industrial automation, consumer electronics, test and measurement, and gaming markets around the world. Omron Electronic Components has an extensive sales network consisting of regional sales professionals, inside sales representatives, technical sales assistants, customer service staff, and an authorized distributor network.