Product Type: Sockets

CW Industries

As CW Industries, we have developed patented products and processes for several segments of the electronics industry. These products include slide, rocker, and pushbutton switches; insulation displacement connectors; and a variety of custom products.

BR05-WP Series

  • For Weatherproof Relays
  • Will fit most ISO mini weatherproof relays
  • Product features and benefits
    • Uses push to seat terminations – quick and easy assembly in your harness applications
    • Individual Wire Seals sold separately.
    • 1 socket and 3 sizes of wire seals will meet all of your needs.
    • Components rated to 125°C temperature rating with V2 or better flame resistance
    • Integrity of system passed ASTM Salt Spray test requirements.
    • Design is both cost and labor effective – best value on the market.
    • Easily converts to 4 position or 5 position connector.
    • Works with TE Faston/Fastin Series contacts.
      • Optional Delphi MetriPak 630 Series contacts version to be available.


FFSD Series – 0.050″ Tiger Eye™ IDC Ribbon Cable Assembly, Socket

Samtec’s Tiger Eye™ IDC socket cable system features an exceptionally low profile design with a multi-finger, BeCu contact system for high reliability and high cycle applications. Optional rugged strain relief is available for a more robust connection in harsh environments, as well as a variety of ejector and shrouded headers for mating.


  • 0.050″ (1.27 mm) Pitch
  • High-Reliability Tiger Eye™ contacts
  • All common pin counts from 4 to 25
  • Mating shrouded terminal strips and ejector headers
  • Optional Strain Relief
  • Polarization Key
  • Wide Variety of wiring options including reverses, daisy chains, etc.


  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Navigation Systems
  • TV Communication Equipment
  • Measuring/Controlling Equipment
  • Industrial Controls
  • Computor Storage Devices
  • Process Control Instrumentation
  • Electronic Power Connections
  • Testing Equipment

ERF8 Series – 0.80 mm Edge Rate® Rugged High-Speed Socket Strip


  • Rugged Edge Rate® contact
  • Smooth broad milled contact surface for increased wear life
  • Positions: Up to 200
  • 56 Gbps PAM4 performance
  • Stack Height: 7 mm – 18 mm
  • Final Inch® break out region data available
  • 360º shielding available (ERF8-S)
  • Latching and extended guide post options
  • Dual sourced By Hirose®

LSHM Series – 0.50 mm Razor Beam™ High-Speed Hermaphroditic Terminal/Socket Strip

  • Ten stack height options from 5.00 mm to 12.00 mm
  • Mating and unmating forces approximately 4-6x greater than typical micro pitch connectors
  • For applications requiring two or more connectors per board, please see Multiple LSXX Connector Applications.
  • Audible click when mated
  • Parallel, perpendicular and coplanar systems
  • Up to 100 I/Os
  • Shield option available
  • Self-mating system reduces inventory cost
  • Lubricated option available

SEAF Series – .050″ SEARAY™ High-Speed High-Density Open-Pin-Field Array Socket

This open pin field array socket features a 1.27 mm x 1.27 mm pitch grid with up to 500 total I/Os. The rugged Edge Rate® contact system is signal integrity optimized with solder charged terminations for ease of processing. SEAF is a 28+ Gbps performance interconnect with low insertion/extraction forces and stack heights from 7 mm to 17.5 mm.


  • Up to 500 I/Os
  • .050″ (1.27 mm) pitch
  • Rugged Edge Rate® contact
  • 56 Gbps PAM4 performance
  • Stack heights from 7 mm – 18.5 mm
  • Lower insertion/withdrawal forces
  • Solder charge termination
  • Dual sourced by Molex®
  • IPC J-STD-001F, requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies – meets class 3 acceptability criteria for high-performance/harsh environment electronic products
  • IPC-A-610F, acceptability of electronic assemblies – meets class 3 acceptability criteria for high-performance/harsh environment electronic products

SFM Series – .050″ Tiger Eye™ High-Reliability Socket Strip


  • Pitch: .050″ (1.27 mm)
  • Contact System: Tiger Eye™
  • Orientation: Vertical, horizontal
  • Termination: Through-hole, surface mount
  • Application: Polarized single and double row multi-finger BeCu contact system to 100 pins
  • Special Features: Screw down and solder nail options available for most rugged requirements
  • Extended Life Product™ (E.L.P.™)

300 Series – Terminal Strips for Industrial Applications

WECO offers a wide range of terminal strips in a variety of configurations from socket terminals, plug-in connectors, screwless types and a combination of screw/solder tabs for wire to wire connections. Consider WECO for a wide range of industrial applications from building automation, power control, lighting, instrumentation, food industry, etc. Center to center spacing ranges from 8 mm pitch to 22 mm pitch for higher voltage applications up to 600 V. Count on WECO as your leading provider of optimized electrical connection solutions, and for superior quality and ROI to OEM’s as well as long term reliability. Ideal for industrial applications, fan controllers, power control, building automation, water heaters, instrumentation, industrial food applications and many more!

300 Series Flyer

Selection Guide

HVAC Flyer

Relay Sockets and DIN Rail

DIN Rail Mountable: 5, 8, 10, 11, & 14 pin DIN rail mountable sockets made in Break Resistant Thermoplastic. Socket versions (Socketrac) available with pressure clamp screws, box lug, binder head, thru-hole, and pc mount. The many versions meet UL Recognized, CSA, CE certifications and can be RoHS compliant.
Panel Mount: A variety of relay sockets including miniature, heavy duty, square base, and octal. Will mate with other manufacturer’s relays as well as other Custom Connector offerings.
PC Board Mountable: Available in standard pc board pin lengths as well as long board (for thicker pc boards). Versions available with and without mount ends. Other PC Board offerings include European style connectors (Ersce).

Aluminum & Steel Rail. Many lengths and options as the DIN rail is cut to any length. Rail is available pre-punched,
un-punched, low to high profile, with or without flanges. Slot size in various dimensions. Additional accessories include hold down springs for relay sockets and connector ejectors for European Style connectors.