Product Type: Terminal Blocks

56000 Series Terminal Blocks

Strong, break-resistant terminal blocks built for the long haul, these double-row blocks fit wire sizes 22 to 10 AWG. Offer from 1 to 22 poles in length, 600V / up to 50AMPs, 150 ° C UL/ CSA 94V-0 rating.

Curtis optimizes lean manufacturing processes through its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) and ongoing implementation of Advanced Product Quality Planning, Design for Manufacturability, Statistical Process Control and related QMS tools. Continuous improvement is the goal in every aspect of the design and manufacturing processes.

XW4M/XW4N Series – Push-In Terminal Block PCB Connectors

Designed with a Unique Dual-Spring Structure for Enhanced Ease of Use

Push-in terminal block is a type of terminal block that can be connected simply by inserting the wires. Its main feature is reduction of wiring workload.

  • Substantial reduction of connecting workload
    • Connecting workload can be reduced by over 60% when connecting round terminals and Y terminals with screws and connecting ferrule terminals by push-in insertion.
  • No retightening required
    • If screw terminal blocks are used, it is said that retightening is required 3 times on average, at the time of manufacturing, transportation and installation. Since the push-in terminal block is supposed to have screws, it is possible to reduce the retightening workload to zero.


  • Reduction of cycle time
    • Easy insertion and removal by pushing the lever
    • Light insertion and removal force helps reduce troubles such as pin warpage due to twisting
    • Easy operation facilitates continuity check and shipping inspection in an official residence
  • Save space and reduce workload
    • If multiple terminal Blocks with a small number of poles have been added, space saving and cost reduction are achieved by combining multiple poles into one.
    • No additional processing is required due to the standard pin number marking
    • Reduced man-hours by supporting reflow
  • Easy operation
    • Connector type (plug/socket) allows you to perform wiring anywhere
    • One-touch wiring is made possible by simply inserting the wires with ferrule terminals
    • Push-in design is maintenance free, requiring no torque management and tightening as compared to screws


  • Unique dual-spring structure
    • Easy insertion & removal, high contact reliability
  • Single-handed action
    • Easy single-handed connector insertion and removal
  • Hands-free
    • Makes it easy to connect wires
  • The product comes standard with pin number markings
  • Allows for checking continuity in the wired state


  • Robot controller
  • AC servo driver
  • NC devices
  • Programmable display
  • PLC
  • Measuring instruments machines
  • Inspection machines


Terminal Blocks

  • Wide Range of Terminals
  • Screw clamp, spring clamp, and panel
  • Power Distribution
  • Disconnect & Test Terminals
  • Fuse Terminals
  • High Current and High Voltage
  • Many Accessories

CP Series – DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

Altech completes its large line of DIN Rail Terminal blocks with the new CP Series. It utilizes push-in technology for time-saving, compact, and safe wiring solutions.


  • No tool required for easy connection
  • Direct connection of solid wires and flexible wires with ferrules
  • 3.5mm wide terminal, thinnest in the industry
  • Stainless steel push-in spring
  • Easy push-button release with any tool
  • Different block types for many design options

Specific Terminal Block Types

  • Feed-Through Terminal Blocks
  • Grounding Terminal Blocks
  • Multilevel/ Connection Terminal Blocks
  • Sensor & Actuator Terminal Blocks
  • Marshaling/ Potential Distribution Terminal Blocks

Power Distribution Blocks

1 & 3 Phase

  • IP20 Finger Safe Quick mounting and wiring
  • For use with copper and aluminum cable (solid / stranded)
  • 600V AC/DC
  • 80A – 310A current ratings
  • 6 – 11 outputs
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mount
  • Accessories increase the number of outputs with only one input (for specific models)
  • No caps to open or remove
  • Housing: Polyamide

UL1953 Power Distribution Blocks

  • Selectable Phase Identification
  • Color Marking Plates
  • Simple and Secure DIN Mounting Clip
  • Incoming Cable Safety Slide
  • Connection Clip for multipole applications

Power Distribution Block for Solar Systems

  • A perfect solution for Solar Combiner Box Applications
  • PDB400A has Solar Industry ratings
  • 1500 V UL approval and a maximum current of 800 A for aluminum and copper wires
  • 24 Inputs
  • Easy and quick mounting

Compact Hybrid Distribution

  • Hybrid Distribution Terminal Block
  • Screw input (115A)
  • 4 spring clamp outputs (4 x41A)
  • Modular system
  • Standard slot & hex screw versions
  • Expandable with standard CX Series jumpers and terminal blocks
  • Easy Installation

Distribution Blocks

Mersen power distribution blocks provide a safe and easy method of splicing cables, splitting primary power into secondary circuits and fulfilling requirements for fixed junction tap-off points.

Mersen’s comprehensive line of Power Distribution Blocks (PDBs) includes open style and enclosed blocks in a wide range of configurations. Copper and aluminum blocks are available in either style with a full complement of accessories.

308 Series

Discover WECO’s new tab distributor strips with versatile flat plug connections. For use in industrial and electrical applications requiring high voltage and current.

308 Series Flyer

Tab Connectors

Tab connectors are equipped with receptacles in different sizes and styles. We offer mixed arrangements per terminal block as well as per pole for multi-point tab connectors. We also have a combination of tab/solder connectors, flat plug couplers and space-saving tier versions to increase the density of connections. The tab connectors offer a wide spectrum of possible combinations, whereby many connection problems can be solved.

307 Series Flyer

Ceramic Terminal Blocks

The category of ceramic terminal strips encompasses mantle terminals, ceramic terminal strips and terminals for explosion and firedamp-hazard areas. Various sizes and designs permit them to be used for large wire sections. Terminal blocks with ceramic insulators can be used at increased temperatures.

Ceramic Terminal Blocks Flyer

High-Current Terminal Blocks

Surface mount, track mount, or DIN rail mount, Curtis high-voltage terminal blocks offer a broad range of alternatives for virtually every high-current application. Featuring handy lugless wire connections, a broad range of wire sizes (22 to 1/0 AWG), and up to 192 poles in length, be sure to specify Curtis high-voltage terminal blocks on your next project.

Each electrical component manufactured by Curtis is meticulously tested for various compliance requirements at every step of the procurement and production process. This dedication to superior quality guarantees that your components are implementedseamlessly, and function perfectly.