Product Type: Terminals

327 Terminal Strip

Made in North America

The socket terminal strip 327 is available in 14,5 mm pitch with 1- to 12-pole design and can be easily stripped to the desired number of poles. Due to the M5 screw, the socket hole diameter of 6,3 mm and a creepage distance of more than 9 mm between terminal body and mounting surface, this version is well suited for large cross-sections, high currents and voltages. One fixing hole is located between every two poles. The flexible polyamide moulding can even be mounted on curved surfaces. The wire protector of the “DS”-version reliably prevents damage to multi-wire flexible conductors by the turning screw


  • Power Supplies
  • Building & Lighting Automation
  • Connectors for High-Power LED Lamps
    • Road lighting
  • HVAC
    • Industrial fan controls
    • Industrial heat pumps, power connections
  • Renewable Energy
    • Connections for solar inverters
  • Power Management
    • For clean power/power filters (EMI/RFI)
  • Flow Controls
    • Large industrial flow control meters
  • Instrumentation
  • Irrigation Systems
  • EV Charger
    • Connection for input power
  • Energy Sector
    • Power distribution in control panel
  • Spa, Hot Tub & Pool Pump Controller
    • Connection for input power
  • Motor Protection Drives/Eddy Current Drive Control

ERM8 Series – 0.80 mm Edge Rate® Rugged High-Speed Terminal Strip


  • Rugged Edge Rate® contact
  • Smooth broad milled contact surface for increased wear life
  • Positions: Up to 200
  • 56 Gbps PAM4 performance
  • Stack Height: 7 mm – 18 mm
  • Final Inch® break out region data available
  • 360º shielding available (ERM8-S)
  • Latching, differential pair and extended guide post options
  • Dual sourced By Hirose®

FTSH Series – .050″ Micro Terminal Strip

This micro header features a variety of standard options and is an Extended Life Product™, passing 10 year Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) and achieving high mating cycles (250 to 2,500). Options include a variety of post heights, a choice of surface mount, through-hole or mixed technology tails, vertical or horizontal orientations, polarization and keying, as well as end shrouds and ejector shrouds for alignment or blind mating.


  • Micro header with various post heights
  • Available in surface mount and through-hole tails
  • End shroud option available
  • Cost saving flash gold plating available
  • Vertical and horizontal row configurations
  • Extended Life Product™ (E.L.P.™)
  • Hot Pluggable version available

LSHM Series – 0.50 mm Razor Beam™ High-Speed Hermaphroditic Terminal/Socket Strip

  • Ten stack height options from 5.00 mm to 12.00 mm
  • Mating and unmating forces approximately 4-6x greater than typical micro pitch connectors
  • For applications requiring two or more connectors per board, please see Multiple LSXX Connector Applications.
  • Audible click when mated
  • Parallel, perpendicular and coplanar systems
  • Up to 100 I/Os
  • Shield option available
  • Self-mating system reduces inventory cost
  • Lubricated option available

SEAM Series – .050″ SEARAY™ High-Speed High-Density Open-Pin-Field Array Terminal


  • Up to 500 I/Os
  • .050″ (1.27 mm) pitch
  • Rugged Edge Rate® contact
  • 56 Gbps PAM4 performance
  • Lower insertion/withdrawal forces
  • Solder charge termination
  • Stack heights from 7 mm – 18.5 mm
  • Dual sourced by Molex®
  • IPC J-STD-001F, requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies – meets class 3 acceptability criteria for high-performance/harsh environment electronic products
  • IPC-A-610F, acceptability of electronic assemblies – meets class 3 acceptability criteria for high-performance/harsh environment electronic products

TFM Series – .050″ Tiger Eye™ High-Reliability Terminal Strip

This rugged Tiger Eye™ terminal strip features a multi-finger, BeCu contact system designed for high reliability and high cycle applications with surface mount or through-hole tails. Vertical or right-angle orientations for parallel, perpendicular and coplanar mating increase design flexibility, along with optional alignment pin, locking clip, dual screw down or weld tab for more rugged applications.


  • Shrouded body for blind mating
  • Pitch: .050″ (1.27 mm)
  • Contact System: .018″ (0.46 mm) diameter post
  • Orientation: Vertical, right-angle, horizontal
  • Termination: Through-hole, surface mount
  • Application: Mating with high-reliability Tiger Eye™ contact sockets and cable assemblies
  • Multiple stack heights
  • Special Features: Screw down, weld tab and solder nail options available for most rugged requirements
  • Extended Life Product™ (E.L.P.™)

PCB terminals – OMNIMATE® Power LLF 7.5

Technological advances often depend on how powerful, flexible, user-friendly, and economical the available connection systems are in their daily use. LLF PCB terminal blocks with PUSH IN connection technology combine excellent functionality with easy operation.

The new LLF and LLFS PCB terminals make the wiring fast, safe, and economical because they have the proven PUSH IN connection technology. This enables tool-free wiring for cable cross-sections up to 6 mm² in the 7.5 mm pitch according to the requirements of UL 1059 for 600 V. In addition, LLF circuit board terminals use the unique Weidmüller “Connection Safety Concept”, which means that their terminals automatically prevent connection errors.

  • Fast and reliable connection by lever (LLF), or screw driver (LLFS)
  • Two directions for cable entry at 90° and 180°, respectively
  • High level of contact reliability based on “Connection Safety Concept”
  • Staggered pin for international use in accordance with UL 1059 up to 600V
  • Advanced finger safety of +3 mm according IEC 61800-5-1

Pogo Pins

Adam Tech Pogo Pins and Connectors (spring loaded terminals) consist of a pin, barrel and steel spring with or without an insulator carrier. They are used in many industries across a wide range of applications to make a secure, high reliability connection. This series is highly customizable to meet specific stroke lengths, heights and electrical capabilities. High-temp plastics are used for our insulators and unlimited molding designs allow for many different shapes and styles to be created for specific applications.


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Adam Tech

We, Adam Tech, pride ourselves on the scope of our product offering which features our innovative connector designs and manufacturing capabilities that reduces cost and improves performance in a broad range of applications. Our exclusive automated manufacturing processes provide consistent high quality with low cost and short lead times. We also welcome the opportunity to use our experience in providing custom solutions to your application specific product requirements. We can develop concepts into designs, tooling and production.