Product Type: Thermistors

KOA Speer

Whether you’re designing the car of tomorrow or connecting the Internet of Things, you need cutting-edge product solutions to bring your design to fruition.  At KOA Speer, we’re the ideal partner to help you do just that.  Our constantly expanding line of passive components will give you the solution to make your concept a reality!

More Than Just Resistors – yes we’re the world leader in thick film resistors, but our product line is broad and growing every day, including:

  • Shunt/Current Sense Resistors
  • Wide-Terminal Resistors
  • High-Voltage Resistors
  • Thin-Film Chip Resistors
  • Surge Resistors

New Passive Component Solutions – our engineering group will work with your design team to develop the passive component solution you need.  Many of the hundreds of new products we’ve introduced in recent years are the result of such collaboration.

Thermistor Probes and Assemblies

Thermistor probes and assemblies are invaluable for sensing temperature in a variety of industries ranging from HVAC/R and environmental controls to automotive and white goods. Littelfuse standard and customized probes and assemblies offer very precise and extremely reliable thermal monitoring in the most demanding applications.

Surface-Mount Thermistors

Littelfuse surface mount thermistors are manufactured using the most advanced equipment and technology available. Designed for measuring, controlling, and compensating for temperature with the utmost accuracy, they are available in a variety of sizes and configurations suitable for mounting using solder, wire bond, or epoxy.

Leaded Thermistors

Littelfuse leaded thermistor options include the highly accurate precision interchangeable thermistors, as well as high-temperature axial leaded glass encapsulated thermistors and glass-coated radial leaded chip thermistors. A wide variety of resistance values and tolerances are available.

IRC / TT Electronics

We design and manufacture resistors and precision resistor networks. We are recognized as an innovative leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of resistors since the very beginning of the electronics industry. We are trusted by designers to provide custom solutions for critical applications from space flight controllers to medical defibrillators.

Other TT Electronics brands include: BI Technologies, Optek, and Roxspur