Product Type: Transducers

NTS Series Temperature Transducer

The low-cost NTS transducer provides highly accurate temperature readings across a wide range of applications. Using industry-standard analog outputs and built with 316 stainless steel wetted parts, the NTS is accurate to within 1%. Built using dependable thermistor-based sensing technology, the NTS transducer is ideal for communicating accurate temperature measurements of fluids in hydraulic settings, automated systems, and energy and water management applications.


  • Low cost
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Wide temperature measurement range
  • Industry standard analog outputs
  • 316 stainless steel wetted parts
  • 1% accuracy
  • OEM tested and approved
  • Voltage and current outputs


  • Hydraulic/Mobile hydraulic
  • Automated systems
  • Energy and water management
  • Anywhere accurate temperature measurement of fluids is required

MIP Series – Heavy Duty, Media-Isolated Pressure Transducers

New from Honeywell

MIPS Greater Efficiency In a Wide Range of Environments

The MIP Series offers a heavy duty, media-isolated pressure transducer in a compact, stainless steel construction for use with a wide range of media including aggressive fluids and water. The MIP Series provides a cost-competitive solution for wide-ranging potential applications in tough environments.

Value to Customers

  • Total Error Band (TEB) ±0.75 %FSS (Full Scale Span) from -40°C to 125°C: Provides true measurement performance over the compensated temperature range; small error promotes system uptime and efficiency (see Figure 4).
  • EMC performance: Operates reliably in the presence of electromagnetic fields, such as wireless signals, RF communication, and electrical devices.
  • Hermetically welded design supports almost any media without the use of an internal seal. The sensors are designed to be used in harsh environments that see aggressive media.


  • Rugged, stainless steel construction
  • Ratiometric output: 0.5 Vdc to 4.5 Vdc
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • Total Error Band up to ±0.75 %FSS (-40°C to 125°C)
  • Industry-leading accuracy: ±0.15 %FSS BFSL
  • Long term stability: ±0.25 %FSS
  • Radiated immunity: 100 V/m
  • High burst pressure: 207 bar [3000 psi]
  • Drinking water approval: NSF/ANSI/CAN 61
  • CE, RoHS, REACH compliant
  • Mis-wiring protection
  • Over voltage protection ±40 Vdc

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100% Made in the USA

For nearly 70 years, Nason has been setting a new industry standard for customer-driven innovation. We’re passionate about getting it right for our customers. That’s why we’re always willing to create exactly what you need — precisely for your application, built to last and designed to perform just as you intended.

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Roxspur / TT Electronics

TT Electronics manufacturers and supplies a comprehensive range of temperature, pressure, flow and level measurement products through it’s Roxspur Measurement & Control product line. Our expertise is widely proven in diverse and challenging sectors such as aerospace and defense, water, energy, automotive, offshore exploration, medical, fire, glass and steel.

Our products include sensors, thermocouples, thermometers, transducers, transmitters, flowmeters and controllers. We also offer a range of associated products including pumps, displays, power supplies, data recorders, portable calibrators and thermal imaging cameras.

Other TT Electronics brands include: BI Technologies, IRC, and Optek


With more than 50,000 products ranging from snap action, limit, toggle and pressure switches to position, speed and airflow sensors, Honeywell has a product to meet any industry’s requirements and any company’s needs.

But an impressive product line is only one part. We bring to bear engineering expertise and value-added capabilities no other company offers. While our switch and sensor solutions meet a wide array of basic and complex applications, our custom-engineered solutions offer enhanced precision, repeatability and ruggedness for each industry of our expertise.

Honeywell Brands Include:   Microswitch  –  Clarostat  –  Sensotech  –  Hobbs  –  Fenwall  –  Elmwood  –  Sensysm