Product Type: Transformers

197 Series – High Frequency Reactors


  • Perfect for high frequency filtering applications.
  • High permiability core ideal for applications under 50 kHz
  • High self-resonant frequency values
  • Operating Frequency: 60Hz – 10kHz
  • Some models feature universal channel mount packaging with flexible insulated leads (6″ min.).
  • Some models feature rugged construction with aluminum base and stainless steel band along with open-style terminals for maximum versatility.
  • Consult datasheets for further design details.
  • For applications at 60Hz, try out 195-196 Series

VPM – Series Medical Grade Transformers

Triad Magnetics has extensive experience in manufacturing medical grade transformers. Triad’s Toroidal Medical power transformers are ideal transformers for a range of medical applications and, with more than 45 models available, we have a transformer for each of them. Our toroidal construction medical power transformers, with dual secondary cores to allow for both series and parallel connections, maintain low leakage current, low stray fields, regulation between 0.7% and 12.3%, and low temperatures rises of only 25ºC to 55ºC. VPM-Series Power Range: 25VA to 10KVA Primary: 100, 120, 208, 220 or 240VAC, 50/60Hz Secondary: Dual for parallel or series connection Insulation Class: Class F, 155°C Dielectric Isolation (Pri to Sec): 4KV for 60 secs. Low leakage current and low stray field.

Pulse Transformers

Pulse transformers are specially designed, common mode chokes that filter out any common mode EMI currents coming from the power line communication’s power transformer or the analog front-end of the modem. With support for up to 264 VAC and low insertion loss starting at 1 MHz, pulse transformers are an effective solution to pass EMI regulatory compliance, while allowing the desired signals to pass unaffected.


Triad chassis mount World Series Toroidal transformers are efficient, compact, cool running and cost effective. They are approved to UL 506 and CE IE C 61558-1 and 615 58-2-6, and are constructed with a Class B (130C) rated insulation system. These toroidal transformers have minimal stray fields for quiet operation around sensitive circuits. The transformers consist dual primaries and dual secondaries which allows for flexibility in the input and output voltages. The primary and secondary are both electrically isolated from each other and from the core itself . Chassis mount Toroidal World Series transformers are available in sizes ranging from 25 VA to 2,500 VA and are equipped with leads for connections.


Triad chassis mount World Series transformers are designed to meet U.S. and International standards including CSA, IEC, TUV and UL requirements. The transformers consist of a dual bobbin design positioned inside an insulating shroud and constructed with UL approved high temperature material. This design eliminates the need for electrostatic shielding since there is minimal capacitance between coils when using a dual bobbin configuration. The primary and secondary are both electrically isolated from each other, and from the core itself. Chassis mount World Series transformers are available in sizes ranging from 25 VA to 175 VA, and are equipped with convenient “quick connect” terminations.


Triad control transformers come with tamper resistant shrouds for safety and steel bracket welded to the bottom of the transformer for ease of mounting.


  • Fork Lifts
  • Electric Car Chargers
  • Electronic Road Signs


Triad high reliability audio transformers provide the durability and precision required in today’s demanding designs. These transformers are available for a wide variety of applications. The line of Red Spec audio transformers is designed and constructed to meet the rigid requirements of MIL-T-27E. These transformers feature an epoxy molded case, gold plated leads and exceptional operation from 300 Hz to 100 kHz.


  • Professional Audio Headphones
  • Microphones
  • Sound Processing Equipment
  • Telcom & Data Applications
  • Flight Recorders
  • Telephone Networks


The Triad Split Pack™ split bobbin transformer is an extremely versatile tool for PC board applications. Split Pack™ transformers are nonconcentrically wound – with primaries and secondaries side-by-side. Unlike the secondary-on-top-of-primary designs of standard PC board transformers, the split bobbin winding and low capacitive coupling eliminate costly electrostatic shielding. It is offered in a dual secondary configuration with either single or dual primaries.


  • Oven Controls
  • Beverage Machines
  • Garage Doors
  • Water Heaters


Triad current sense transformers are used to detect the current passing through a conductor. These transformers are very reliable and operate effectively between 50 – 60 Hz. They are constructed of UL rated 130 ºC materials.


  • Power Conversion
  • Monitor Power Usage
  • Instrumentation Equipment
  • Renewable Energy

HPS Titan Series – Encapsulated Transformers for Harsh Environments

HPS Titan series encapsulated transformers offer an innovative design with technological improvements for industrial and hazardous applications.

The transformer core and coil is completely encapsulated in epoxy and silica, providing excellent protection from airborne contaminants and prevents the ingress of moisture.

HPS Titan series three phase design has a removable hinged door and factory installed grounding lugs, reducing installation time and money.

Features & Benefits

  • Single Phase
    • Copper winding
    • Electrostatic shield
    • Standard wall mounting with keyhole mounting slots
    • Front accessible hinged door
    • Standard Type 3R enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Three Phase
    • Higher impedance designs lower inrush and short circuit currents, allowing the use of less costly protective devices
    • Completely encapsulated in epoxy and silica to prevent the ingress of moisture
    • Standard 10kV BIL rating provides increased reliability and protection against critical equipment failure (including voltage spikes and other line transients)
    • Copper winding
    • Electrostatic shield
    • Improved efficiency level that reduces energy costs
    • Standard Type 4 enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
    • Removable hinged door allows for easy access to terminations
    • Standard integral floor and wall mounting brackets on select kVA’s for faster installation
    • Optional breather drains ensure that any moisture buildup due to condensation is easily eliminated without compromising Type 4/12 enclosure integrity (standard for HPS Titan X)


  • Petrochemical
  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Wastewater