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As technologies evolve along with the launch of new products and processes, Hughes-Peters continues to remain on the cutting-edge. We are dedicated to creating and offering the value that best supports our customers’ needs. Our current value-added services include:

Cable Assemblies & Wire Marking

We are able to cut and strip 20awg to 4/0 wire with our “Schleuniger 9550” and our “Schleuniger 9650” machines. Our “9650” and roto cutter makes wire cutting easier than ever. With this machine we can cut up to 600mcm cable.

With our “Schleuniger 9300” we are able to cut and strip wire from 14awg down to 26awg:

  • Machine cut and stripped wire, 26-8 AWG
  • Alphanumeric wire stamping or label marking
  • Cable harnesses, jumper wires, solderless terminals or crimp and poke
  • D-subs, modular, switches and power cords

With our Schleuniger Crimp Center we are able to cut, strip, and terminate one or both sides of your discrete wires. We are able to cut, strip, and terminate 26awg to 10awg wires with open or closed barrel terminals.

With our Schleuniger strip crimp 200 we are able to strip and terminate all in one step with open barrel terminals. We are able to strip and terminate 26awg to 12awg discrete or multi conductor wires.

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BOM Kitting

  • Complete Bill of Material supplied from customer approved vendor list
  • Individually bagged parts labeled to your specifications
  • One part number – One P.O
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Lead Forming

  • Complete array of Hepco lead-forming equipment
  • Capabilities include Trimming and Axial and Radial forming
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