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Electronics Packaging

We Connect and Protect

Hughes-Peters is a fully authorized distributor for nVent/Schroff. Contact us today to see how we can connect and protect your sensitive electronics in demanding applications.

Our broad product portfolio includes:

  • Circuit board (PCB) accessories
    • Card retainers
    • Extractors
  • Front panels and handles
  • Subracks and cases
  • Cabinets and pre-assembled chassis

About Schroff

Compatible. Modular. Scalable. Recognized worldwide, nVent SCHROFF products meet national and international standards for electronics packaging and are in accordance with IEC 60297-3-x and IEEE 1101.x. Starting with our standards-based solutions, then modified or customized to meet the needs of your specific application, can save you time and money versus creating a proprietary solution.

Hughes-Peters service!

We are an EMPLOYEE-OWNED distributor of interconnect, passive, and electromechanical products with value-added services and inventory management programs for our partnered customers. We understand the importance of inventory and having it available – when you need it.

  • 10 office locations in the USA
  • 3 Distribution centers (Ohio, Florida & Iowa)
  • 26 Field Sales Reps & 22 Inside Sales Reps